Free WordPress Themes: The Ultimate Guide

There are so many free WordPress themes out there it can put your head in a tail spin. So in an effort to help you sift through the good and the – let’s face it – crap, we’ve put together this ultimate guide to free WordPress themes.

This post is your one-stop, all-you-can-eat resource for information about free WordPress Themes.

There’s an overwhelming number of free themes available – just search Google. It’s easy enough to just download the first free theme that catches your eye. And why wouldn’t you? They’re free!

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8 Tactics To Maximise The Success Of Your WordPress Project

Did you include a new WordPress project in your New Year’s Resolutions?

Building a WordPress site, like any other digital project, can be a traumatic experience. But the problems are usually self-inflicted: unrealistic expectations, over-optimistic deadlines and excessively elaborate requirements list.

Here’s 8 tactics to maximise the chances of your next WordPress project running to schedule, to budget and to expectation.

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WordPress Safety Officers? Are You Kidding Me?

At a work Christmas party a couple of years ago, before I joined WPMU DEV, I was at the bar ordering a drink when a guy sidled up to me and whispered into my ear, “Let’s get out of here.”

After wiping his spit from my ear, I flashed my wedding ring and replied, “Sorry, I’m taken,” before grabbing my beer and turning to walk away. But he cut me off and with a grin said, “Oh, come on. That shouldn’t stop you.” And then he grabbed my arm.

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Is Self-Hosting WordPress In The AWS Cloud Just Pie In The Sky?

Hosting in the cloud sounds so alluring: no physical constraints, real-time scaling for those traffic spikes, built-in redundancy, only paying for what you use.

Amazon’s Web Services is the granddaddy of cloud-computing and with the number of tutorials out there for setting up a site you might think that it was an obvious option for those WordPress owners fed up with shared hosting.

But is AWS really a viable option for WordPress owners who have only ever known CPanel?

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Boring, Boring WordPress: Why WP is Falling Behind

Another week, another set of plans for a new WordPress release and another massive anti-climax.

Yet more confirmation that while Medium is reinventing how we publish online, people are freaking out about Ghost purely because it offers a nice, simple experience and third party platforms like Squarespace are ripping it up… WordPress continues to persist with an interface that looks like a database application from 2005, with some quasi-modern color changes.

Sure, WP may be powering 20% of the web and growing, but it’s standing still. Maneuvering more like an ocean liner than a zippy yacht.

Colleen was not impressed by the latest updates to WordPress

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7 Reasons Why Novices Should Not Self-Host WordPress

WordPress 3.7 is out today and with each release this blogging platform becomes more capable and more sophisticated and that barrier to entry rises just a little bit.

All those little rises now represent a significant hurdle. So much so, that if a non-technical friend of mine asked me whether they should self-host their own WordPress site, I’d say no.

And here’s seven reasons why.

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Does WordPress Need To Divide To Conquer?

The online publishing domain is undergoing rapid change. Tablets and smartphones are taking over from desktops and this has potentially profound impacts for WordPress.

What can WordPress do to remain the champion of open-source online publishing? What can it do to compete with potential new competitors that are focussed on exploiting just one aspect of content management?

If WordPress is to thrive for another ten years, does it need to divide to conquer?

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Is Responsive Design Obsession Holding WordPress Back?

Responsive design is the MVP, the prom queen and the hall-of-famer all rolled into one. It is a web phenomenon that has enabled WordPress site owners to easily and cheaply extend accessibility to mobile platforms.

Responsive design is so pervasive that even clients, guilty of informed ignorance, now ask for a responsive site without even knowing what that means.

But have we got to a point where responsive design is causing more harm than good? Is it now stifling innovation? Is it now actually holding WordPress back?

Picture showing a website on a desktop, tablet and a smartphone

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What To Expect In WordPress 4.0

Here at WPMU.org we are waiting in excited anticipation for the release of WordPress 4.0. It doesn’t matter that 3.6 is just around the corner – 4.0 just can’t come soon enough!

So to help calm our nerves we’ve been speculating about what it will include and what we hope to see in this future version of WordPress.

Some of our predictions might seem a bit more, erm, unlikely than others, but hey, we’re allowed to have some fun and dream a little huh :)

Let us know your thoughts, and what you would like to see in WordPress 4.0 in the comments below.

Google Glass on a Train

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