Does WordPress Need To Divide To Conquer?

The online publishing domain is undergoing rapid change. Tablets and smartphones are taking over from desktops and this has potentially profound impacts for WordPress.

What can WordPress do to remain the champion of open-source online publishing? What can it do to compete with potential new competitors that are focussed on exploiting just one aspect of content management?

If WordPress is to thrive for another ten years, does it need to divide to conquer?

Mountain climber at the summit of K2

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Is Responsive Design Obsession Holding WordPress Back?

Responsive design is the MVP, the prom queen and the hall-of-famer all rolled into one. It is a web phenomenon that has enabled WordPress site owners to easily and cheaply extend accessibility to mobile platforms.

Responsive design is so pervasive that even clients, guilty of informed ignorance, now ask for a responsive site without even knowing what that means.

But have we got to a point where responsive design is causing more harm than good? Is it now stifling innovation? Is it now actually holding WordPress back?

Picture showing a website on a desktop, tablet and a smartphone

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What To Expect In WordPress 4.0

Here at WPMU.org we are waiting in excited anticipation for the release of WordPress 4.0. It doesn’t matter that 3.6 is just around the corner – 4.0 just can’t come soon enough!

So to help calm our nerves we’ve been speculating about what it will include and what we hope to see in this future version of WordPress.

Some of our predictions might seem a bit more, erm, unlikely than others, but hey, we’re allowed to have some fun and dream a little huh :)

Let us know your thoughts, and what you’s like to see in WordPress 4.0 in the comments…

Posting From Google Glass

Google Glass on a Train

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The Best Social Integration Plugins For WordPress Reviewed

There are over 350 WordPress plugins tagged “Share” in the WordPress plugin directory. But most of them, let’s be honest, fall short, with the exception of a handful of excellent winners.

I’d say there are three facets to social integration: Engagement, Self Promotion, and Viral Value. Whilst you can force none of these, there are definitely great tools out there to make it as easy as possible for you and your readers to make noise about your site on social networks.

Without further ado, I present to you the mighty five of WordPress social integration.


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Why WordPress.com for education (and portfolios, restaurants & musicians) is a big fat fail

Talking of big fat things, I’ll start with a hefty disclaimer, I’m the founder and CEO of Edublogs – the largest education blog provider (and also based on WordPress) on the web.

So, having got that out of the way let me tell you why I’m profoundly unconcerned by the announcement today that WordPress.com is venturing into the ‘education vertical’ and why I don’t think it should scare of any other niche site builders out there.

tl;dr – it’s shallow, insincere, cynical, lacking in focus and flimsy.

Here’s why…
Almost too shallow for words

It's got an apple on it, thus it must be for teachers

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About The WordPress Ghost

I bet you thought I was shitcanned AND blocked from WPMU.org, didn’t you? Not to worry, that’s not the case. I’m sorry to say that surgery and other nastiness that hospital visits spark kept me from annoying you guys.

The recent WordPress Ghost concept by John O’Nolan, featuring an easier to use admin interface, have gotten some space within the WordPress. Even this site have talked about the Ghost concept, and since they want me to add links in my columns I’ll oblige this time around.


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