About The WordPress Ghost

I bet you thought I was shitcanned AND blocked from WPMU.org, didn’t you? Not to worry, that’s not the case. I’m sorry to say that surgery and other nastiness that hospital visits spark kept me from annoying you guys.

The recent WordPress Ghost concept by John O’Nolan, featuring an easier to use admin interface, have gotten some space within the WordPress. Even this site have talked about the Ghost concept, and since they want me to add links in my columns I’ll oblige this time around.


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Should You Have Comments On Your Site?

I’ve been fired due to not writing enough keywords in my columns. I’ve got three columns left on my contract, this being one of them.

Let’s leave the shenanigans for a while and talk shop. Or comments, let’s talk comments.

Do you like comments? On your site, your blog, your every bloody thing you publish online?

I don’t. People keep being bad to me, and I end up crying in a corner. I’m a very sensitive person, you know, and people need to be nicer.


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7 Types Of Posts That Bore Me

I’ve been shitcanned due to not being a keyword whore. The joke’s on them, because I have a few posts left on my contract. Better make it count.

The previous column (still a column, not another linkbaity tutorial) was easy enough to write. There just wasn’t any choice, I had to make fun of being laid off this opinionated column of mine, and I had to do something featuring keywords. But if you know you have another four posts left, what do you write about?

I imagine this is how terminally ill people feel like.

Or maybe not.


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What You Should Put In Your WordPress Blog’s Sidebar (and Why)

The ubiquitous sidebar.

It is a staple of the blogosphere. Assuming that you are reading this post on WPMU (and not in an RSS reader), the tiniest of glances to your right will reveal our sidebar, complete with various widgets and graphics.

Sidebars are perhaps so popular for their flexibility. You can put just about anything in a sidebar — the world is your oyster. The problem is that far too many blogs abuse this freedom too willingly and end up with a mile-long monstrosity nestled alongside their content.

What You Should Put In Your WordPress Blog's Sidebar (and Why)

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Free Premium WordPress Themes With SEO (Also: Nudes, Cats, Cheeseburgers)

Top 11 topics in this column:

Free WordPress themes!
Free premium themes!
Free WordPress plugins!
Free premium plugins!
Free SEO secrets unveiled for free!
Free nude women!
Free nude males!
Free nude pandas!
Cats! Because you know, they can stand on their own.
Cheeseburgers! (Sorry, got hungry…)
Also: More FREE WordPress stuff!

That got your attention huh? No? How about a cat lying on a book then?


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The Lovely Blockquote

I’ve been meaning to write this column for a while, which is to say I just thought of it and it interested me a lot more than the one I had planned. Sometimes that’s the same thing, or at least I can claim it is since this is my bloody column (insert still a column link and so on) and not even The Farmer can stop me from hitting that Publish button. I guess he could unpublish stuff though, but let’s cross that bridge when we get to it, shall we?


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