To Bundle Or Not To Bundle WordPress Plugins? That Is The Question!

I recently came across an article by Alex King regarding the “right way” to include a plugin into a theme. In it, Alex integrates a plugin called Social, available here, into a theme they sell called FavePersonal. I understand they want to provide a great user experience out of the box, but rather than integrating a plugin, why not just direct their user to install it from WP.org? You could even use conditional statements to limit certain functionality till it’s installed.


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In Which I’ll Talk About What You Can Do This Summer

That’s one helluva title for a column, isn’t it? I thought so, although I have no idea if I think that is a good or a bad thing. It doesn’t really matter, luckily.

Folks, it is summer and that means vacations for everybody!

Well, not exactly, I’ll be working all summer, with both Odd Alice (still time to apply for a job there /shameless self-plug) and other things. You know, projects. Some of them are WordPress related, but not all. That’s the life of a freelance writer and author, I go and do what the work tells me.

Water water water!

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What’s The Next Big WordPress Powered Idea?

Once upon a time, everything connected to WordPress was free. The only thing you had to pay for was hosting and a domain name, i.e if you did not use WordPress.com. The 5 minute install was all you needed and a theme, if you really wanted to go crazy you would get a theme that supported sidebars! Yes, there was a time when a widgetized sidebar was an amazing thing.


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3 WordPress Plugins for First Impressions

If you have a website for your business there are a few plugins I think you should have no matter what your goal is (make contact, make a sale, etc.)

To start, contact forms will always make you look more professional than using a naked email address, especially if it’s with gmail or hotmail (get email on your own domain).

Aside from the impression someone gets from your website, there’s the impression they get on the search engines that list your website.


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Is There a Proliferation of Subversive Plugins on WordPress.org?

As some of you may know, I spend a lot of time looking at plugins.

In fact, I cast my eye over every single new plugin release on WordPress.org, and test any that I feel may of worth. So I end up testing a lot of plugins.

The ones that I like get featured here at WPMU. You never read about the countless plugins I test that don’t make the grade. Unless of course I need to vent about something (which I do today), in which case, plugins that I don’t recommend get free publicity.
What is a Subversive Plugin?

Is There a Proliferation of Subversive Plugins on WordPress.org?

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400 WordPress Security Vulnerabilities?!

Trust me: It’s not as bad as it sounds.
Searching the National Vulnerability Database using keyword “WordPress” blasts you with 400 listed vulnerabilities! I’ve seen this number quoted recently when comparing WordPress to other content management systems, and it puts WordPress security in a negative light.
“Holy hole in a firewall, Mattman! How can you sleep at night, knowing WordPress is putting the world at risk?”
Never fear! Read on to see the truth I found just beneath the surface of those numbers.
Statistics explored
Time periods

WordPress Security Statistics read correctly are nothing to worry about

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Coping With Coding Fury

I’m angry. Annoyed at everything. Pissed off even. It is all WordPress’ fault. Stupid weird stuff happening on a client project and it makes my skin crawl. If you’re a developer and have even the slightest little inkling of a tendency to get angry, then you know exactly what I mean.

Writing a column while angry, well why not? I haven’t been much of a potty-mouth lately after all, and I bet there’s someone to piss off on my list of pisser offers.


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WordPress Plugin Directory – a Better Way?

Every weekday, I drag myself out of bed, have a quick shower in order to make myself feel human again, get dressed, and head downstairs to my home office (couch). I fire up my trusty MacBook Pro and get started on my writing work for WPMU.

My first port of call is a quick visit to the WordPress.org plugin directory to take a look at the freshest plugins. And there are a lot of them. A tentative count shows that over 30 new plugins were released yesterday. So more than one new WordPress plugin is being released every hour.

WordPress Plugin Directory

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The Faults of Theme Frameworks, and How to Fix Them

The always brilliant Konstantin Kovshenin is pissed. That alone warrants a flurry of posts I think, because he comes across as such a nice guy. More importantly, Konstantin threatens to delete his posts in a day or two, since he wrote it “in a bad mood”.

We can’t have that, because he’s spot on!

Kontantin’s gripe are theme frameworks that add their own ways of adding stuff to themes. His example is the Genesis theme framework, a popular one, where you apparently should hook onto genesis_meta instead of wp_head

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