Promote on Facebook? Yes, I think you should.

If you’re a regular WPMU reader you’ve probably gathered that we’re pretty big on our Facebook page (if you haven’t liked it already, do it now, you’ll love it, promise) so, needless to say, we’ve been watching their promotion features pretty closely over the last few months – and equally huge fans of integrating WordPress with Facebook.

But today, they really got my attention by not just offering to promote the page, but telling me the exact percentage of our ‘likes’ that saw each post:

And perhaps most significantly, how many I could buy with a promotion, check it out:


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The WordPress 3.4 Killer Feature

WordPress 3.4 is out and if this is the first you’re hearing about it you should seriously reconsider your news sources and reading lists.

You know what, WordPress 3.4 is great. I’ve been doing that thing you’re not supposed to with it for quite some time, which is to say I’ve been enjoying nightly releases. And yes, I really tried to make that sentence sexual but it just didn’t work out, OK? OK.


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Premium WordPress Themes: Are They Worth The Money?

WordPress originally began life as a blogging platform but has grown to be a Content Management System (CMS) and is now so popular, that it is now used by thousands of companies and corporations.
Many thousands of free themes of differing purposes and quality have been released to the public, but yet during the last few years more and more developers have popped up selling premium WordPress themes, but are they worth the money?

Personal Users vs Business Users




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What The FAQ?!

It would seem some people get slightly upset on this world wide web thingy. Sometimes they even get upset with me, and spend their no doubt very valuable time commenting about how they are right and I am wrong.

This prompted me to write this FAQ, to clear up some things. Here we go!

Do you hate WordPress?
Obviously not, I’m writing for a WordPress site, I write books about WordPress, my web agency Odd Alice is focused on WordPress, and WordPress is pretty damn good!

Then why do you complain about WordPress all the time?

It's a column, dammit!

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WordPress App Store, Really?

You know what I hate? That everything is an “app store” these days. Yeah I know, the shock of me getting to the point right away, huh? Shaking things up is all, and also I’m hungry as hell and that means I’m cranky, which in turn means that I want to get straight to the whining.

So, app stores and how everything is called an app store.

Like WP App Store, for example. I’m sorry, but that’s an awful name. Really.

Yes, people get it.

Yes, it has brand recognition per default.

WordPress App Stores

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The WordPress Community Summit Is A Great Idea

You might’ve seen Jane Wells’ post about the WordPress community summit, and if not, well then you’re obviously not following @tdh on Twitter, which is a really really bad thing not to do, you know.

Yep. That’s my column, all self promotion and the like. Paid in chocolate kittens, remember?

Joking aside (right…), I think the WordPress community summit is a great idea. For those of you who find posts on wordpress.org to be scary, here’s the lowdown.

Wait. You find posts on wordpress.org scary? That’s just plain stupid, go read it, battle your phobia, then come back here.

Thank You

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The Solution To Facebook’s Link Insert Bug

A new bug reared its ugly head when Facebook rolled out their new page design. A bug that was driving me nuts. But fortunately, I soon found an extremely simple fix.

I first wanted to check and make sure that I was not the only person coming across the problem. But after a quick straw poll amongst some colleagues, I discovered that I was not.

Here’s the problem:


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On WordCamps and WordCamp San Francisco

There’s been quite a bit of noise the past week about WordCamp San Francisco. It appears as if some organizers of past camps are pissed off because WordCamp San Francisco is bloody expensive to sponsor, and they have been told they can’t ask for that much sponsor money. I don’t know about this, when I organized WordCamp Stockholm in 2010 no one asked me what the sponsor rates where, and I didn’t tell. We managed well enough anyway, obviously.

Matt's pointing at you

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Comments – Striking a Balance Between Healthy Moderation and Despotism

I never thought that I’d get to use the word “despotism” in a WPMU article. Actually, I’d never thought about whether or not I would, but if the question had been asked of me, I would have certainly thought it unlikely.

On the other hand, I do tend to wander onto some pretty strange paths at times, so I shouldn’t be that surprised. The point is, I am rather pleased with myself for shoehorning despotism into this post. I am even more pleased with myself because it is actually relevant.
Do You Use a Comment Policy?

Comments - Striking a Balance Between Healthy Moderation and Despotism

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