3 Reasons Why I Use The Distraction Free Editor (And Why You Should Too)

The distraction free editor is something you can easily miss altogether as a WordPress user. After all, it is accessed only by a rather subtle button on the visual editor toolbar.

And if you do hit that button, it is not immediately obvious why you might choose to use it as a genuine alternative to the visual editor. In fact, its potentially overwhelming minimalism might immediately turn many people off.

3 Reasons Why I Use The Distraction Free Editor (And Why You Should Too)

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Should You Open Links In New Windows?

The WPMU DEV Facebook Page is a great resource (if I do say so myself). Not only do WPMU.org fans get the freshest posts delivered straight to their timeline, but we can ask questions relating to WordPress and get answers in moments.

According to some recent polls, most WPMU DEV fans have never had an active WordPress.com account (a question I asked to coincide with my recent WordPress.com vs self-hosted WordPress article). And 83% of you think Matt Mullenweg is a good guy (the other 17% are not so complimentary).
Get To The Point…

Should You Open Links In New Windows?

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Who Buys Who In The End?

What would be the equivalent of Facebook buying Instagram in the world of blogging platforms? This is seriously a thought I’ve been wrestling with for a little while now, which probably marks me as slightly more disturbed than most of you actually thought, the Editorial Overlord Monsters included. I don’t care, I get paid in chocolate kittens.

Credit cards mate!

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WordPress.com vs. Self-Hosted WordPress – What You Need To Know

When I was first starting out with WordPress, I was rather confused by the fact that there seemed to be two versions. I had previously built websites from scratch with Notepad and a FTP client, so the world of content management systems was new to me. And before I had even started – before I even had a particularly good understanding of what WordPress actually was – I had to make a choice.

WordPress.com vs. Self-Hosted WordPress - What You Need To Know

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Stop Writing Stupid Tutorials

I’m going to start you guys off with a quote today, signed the always excellent Konstantin Kovshenin:

Is it considered “cool” to copy/paste all my plugins into my theme’s functions.php file?

Now why would he write something like that? It is part of a paragraph (obviously) that makes fun of all these “paste this code into your theme’s functions.php file” tutorials out there. Sarcasm all around, and you all know how I love that shit. And irony, irony is also great fun. Ironing, not so much.


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The Great Plugin Backwards Compatibility Debate

Any seasoned WordPress plugin developer will tell you that life would be a lot easier if people kept their WordPress installations up to date. But unfortunately, it seems that the vast majority do not. So what is a plugin developer to do – should they spend considerable time making their plugins backwards compatible so that they can maximize their potential user base, or should they be more ruthless?

WordPress Versions

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It’s Time to Banish the Attitude of Entitlement

I’m no developer. The closest thing I’ve got to plugin development is designing a laughably simply little tool that allows you to embed links to pre-populated tweets within your blog posts (if you want to see how simple it really is, click here).

So I know very little about the hardships of being a plugin developer. But I know enough to have a rudimentary understanding of how difficult it is to produce even the simplest of plugins. And I also happen to know quite a few developers.
The State of Play


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Are You Keeping Up With The Alternatives To WordPress?

Amidst the good and the bad things about WordPress, it is easy to forget about the fact that there are other things in the world. I know, chocking right? What else could there be but WordPress?

Besides sex, booze and not getting up before noon, that is.

Rock n’ roll lifestyle aside, it is easy to forget about the alternatives to WordPress. The platform’s competition if you will, although that is a boring way to look at it, I must say.


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7 Bad Things About WordPress

Last week I did something awful, namely a list post. Luckily it wasn’t one of those linkbaity things that way too many blogs publish to get some extra eyeballs, but still. It was a list and therefore I loathe myself right now.

And I will continue to do so, because this week we’ll, or more accurately I will, talk about what’s bad with WordPress. Last week was apparantly TDH is being nice week so those of you who thought I was replaced by a doppelgänger at the WPMU.org office (is there one?) can rest easy. Your favorite asshole is back.


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