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One of our most popular categories, you’ll find everything to do with WordPress plugins here. Most often you’ll find us reviewing free plugins and keeping people up to date with the latest trends. But we also occasionally review premium plugins if we think our readers might be interested. We’ll also do more comprehensive posts such as
Top 100 WordPress Plugins
. Our reviews consist of posts such as 10 Instagram Plugins for WordPress, Top 5 Forum Plugins for WordPress, Best Font Plugins for WordPress, Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Front End Posting, Editing, and Uploading, and many, many more.

How to Link an Email Address in WordPress

Of course lots of people like to use contact forms on their site. But there may be situations where you’d want to provide a linked email address too, either showing the actual email address (like [email protected]) or some text of your choosing (like contact me).

Doing either is pretty easy. You just need to know the simple code.

Creating Email Links
Creating email links is basically just like making a regular link, but instead of putting http://  in front, you would use mailto:

For example, instead of linking [email protected], you would link mailto:[email protected]

The complete HTML for the above would be the following …


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The 12 Best Free WordPress Pinterest Plugins on the Market

As Pinterest continues to grow and innovate, it seems only natural that integrating your WordPress site and your Pinterest account is a smart move. And so below we’ve collected the 12 best free Pinterest plugins we could find to help you do just that.

As you might expect, there are number of very different types of  Pinterest plugins out there. And so first we’ll do a quick run-through of the different kinds, and then we’ll give you our suggestions for each type.


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Chat Updates Make WP a Fully-Functional Live Platform

Our developers are always working hard to improve our plugins, and today we’re super excited to announce HUGE updates to our Chat plugin.

Since we last updated you on Chat’s features, the plugin now includes the ability to control where chats appear, full BuddyPress integration, significant front-end display improvements, chat logs displayed on the front-end (helping SEO!), specific bottom corner chat features and some very important under-the-hood improvements.

Chat plugin by WPMU DEV

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10 Awesome Free WordPress Accordion Plugins

Looking for a nice accordion plugin? Below we’ve listed the top 10 free WordPress accordion plugins on the market today, giving a short overview of each and then rating each on ease of use and appearance.

Accordions are great for a number of different specific design challenges on a WordPress site.

Maybe you’d like to compress a lot of content into a small area. Or maybe you want to give the reader the option of seeing or not seeing certain content, such as movie spoilers or answers to quiz questions.

Accordion featured

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How to Show WordPress Widgets Only to Logged In Users

Ever need to show a WordPress widget only to logged in users? Or maybe you have the opposite need: you want to show a widget only to users who are NOT logged in.

In this post, we’ll go over how to do both.

Using Widget Logic
Widget Logic is a very popular plugin that will help us accomplish our goal. While Widget Logic can help you do much more than hide or show a widget to logged in/logged out users, we’re going to focus this post on that particular task.


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How to Show Different Menus to Different WordPress Users

There are all sorts of reasons for wanting to show certain menus to some users but not others.

As many visitors to WPMU DEV often build or run sites for clients, let’s take a simple client example.

Let’s say you have a client that needs things to be as easy as possible. This client accesses the site by going to the homepage first. They can easily get to the admin area from there, but what if they aren’t logged in? On many sites, there is no easy link to the login page.


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How to Limit Access to Your WordPress Dashboard

Limiting access to the WordPress dashboard is a topic we’re asked about a lot in the WPMU DEV support forums. Whether you’re creating a site for a client who doesn’t know WordPress from Microsoft Word or you just want to restrict how users login to your site, there are various reasons why you might want to keep people off your dashboard.

Luckily, there are many ways to help you do it. In this post I’ll go over a few different methods, from simply using the permission settings built into WordPress to using code and installing plugins.

Limiting Access With WordPress User Permissions

Limit dashboard access

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How to Gauge the Popularity of Your Posts

After spending the past couple of hours carefully crafting a beautiful piece of writing for your blog, an essay about why Louis CK is the funniest comedian ever, you excitedly hit “publish.” The post disappears into the Twitterverse, and is automatically posted to Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Then you wait for the comments to come flooding in. But nothing happens.

The next day, you post a YouTube clip of your cat falling off a trampoline. The post gets 50 comments and 176 “Likes” on Facebook. Go figure.

Thumbs Up

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Setting Up an Index of Child Pages on Parent Pages in WordPress

With WordPress, you can easily create Child Pages (i.e. subpages) for a Page. (Keep in mind that we’re talking about “Pages” here, not “Posts.”) The problem, however, is that creating a Child Page really doesn’t do anything on the front end of your blog (i.e. the part the public sees). You cannot, for example, easily check a box or two and then display those Child Pages automatically on the Parent Page.


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How to Get a Random Post Button in WordPress

Some sites seem to cry out for a random post button – i.e. something your visitors can click for a little impromptu journey into your content.

If your site is one of them, read on.

While there are a number of messy solutions out there that will have you digging into your template files and messing with code, there’s an easier solution in the form of the WP Siren Random Post by Click plugin.  And it also offers some pretty nice graphics control too – which is always a plus.

Getting Your Button on Your Site


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