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One of our most popular categories, you’ll find everything to do with WordPress plugins here. Most often you’ll find us reviewing free plugins and keeping people up to date with the latest trends. But we also occasionally review premium plugins if we think our readers might be interested. We’ll also do more comprehensive posts such as
Top 100 WordPress Plugins
. Our reviews consist of posts such as 10 Instagram Plugins for WordPress, Top 5 Forum Plugins for WordPress, Best Font Plugins for WordPress, Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Front End Posting, Editing, and Uploading, and many, many more.

WordPress Automatic Core Updates: Is Your Site Compatible?

Since WordPress 3.7 shipped and installations around the world began updating in the background to 3.7.1, the mild panic over automatic updates still hasn’t subsided.

This is despite lead developer Andrew Nacin’s attempts to assure everyone that background updates are “incredibly, incredibly safe”. Auto-updates was no doubt the release’s most thoroughly tested feature.

Automatic updates

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7 Best Free WordPress Slider Plugins

If your site is image-heavy or you’ve got awesome content you don’t want visitors to miss when they load up your homepage, chances are you need a slider.

Sliders provide a convenient way to display multiple images, videos or other content in an engaging and attention grabbing way.

But finding a beautiful and easy to use slider plugin isn’t exactly a walk in the park, especially if you’re after a free option.

Slider feature image

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Time Machine Your WordPress Site: Back That Thang Up With Snapshot

A few years ago, a site I was managing for a client was hacked. We lost everything. No matter what I tried, pages of content and dozens of media files were gone forever. Kaput.

Basically, I was screwed. I had no choice but to rebuild the site from scratch and slowly piece it back together.

I wasted a lot of time, time I could have spent working on other projects making money instead of losing it.

The moral of that story? Back that thang up. And there’s no better way to do it than with Snapshot by WPMU DEV.

Delorean time machine

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How to Link a WordPress Title to an External URL

There may be a number of reasons why you’d want the title of your post to link to an external URL. Let’s say, for example, that you let people buy advertising on your site that looks somewhat like an actual post.

That’s what Yahoo does. Take a look below. See that “article” with the yellow background? That’s actually an ad that goes offsite when you click the title.


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WPMU DEV’s E-Newsletter Plugin Sees Major Graphical Improvements

One of the nicest aspects of WPMU DEV’s E-Newsletter plugin has always been its graphical components – templates, color controls, WYSIWYG editor, etc.

With the latest updates to E-Newsletter, we’ve upped our game in that department even more.

One of the most prominent additions in this update is the inclusion of a new template called “Promy.”

Here’s a look at the default version.

Don’t like the header there? No problem. Another update includes the ability to change the header for nearly all the themes.

Here’s a new grassy-looking header I put into the Promy theme.


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3 Great Plugins for Embedding Tweets into Your WordPress Site

By this point, Twitter is an inescapable fact of online life – you may not use it yourself, but there’s a whole world of information being traded and discussed out there that your readers can benefit from.

Embedding tweets into articles on your WordPress site is a great way of connecting what you’re saying to the broader discussion while making sure readers don’t have to head out to an external site to get that information.

A picture of eggs emblazoned with the Twitter logo.

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Embed Tweets and YouTube Videos: Coming Soon to WordPress

It will soon be easier than ever to quickly embed tweets and videos directly into your self-hosted WordPress posts – but only if you use Jetpack.

The Media Explorer for WordPress.com accounts has been updated to allow users to add trending content from Twitter and YouTube to their posts, all from within the post editor.

The Insert Tweet window allows you to search for tweets by keyword or hashtag, by tweets to or form a specific users and by geographic location, and add one or more tweets to your post.

WordPress.com tweets and video embeds

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Measure the Success of Your WordPress Site With Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest is more than just a social network for brides-to-be, cat lovers and housewives looking for home decorating tips.

With more than 70 million users and 2.5 billion page views each month, the pinboard-style image-sharing site is filled with users actively searching for photos of popular products to share with their followers.

And with 80 per cent of pins repinned on Pinterest, the site offers an ideal opportunity to drive traffic to your WordPress site.

But how do you leverage content-hungry users on Pinterest to market your website effectively? By measuring your Pinterest marketing efforts using analytics and Pinfluence.

WPMU Dev Pinterest

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How to Show All Your Authors on One WordPress Page

The other day we went over some plugins for upgrading your author bio boxes. Today we’ve got a few plugins that will let you show all your authors (or only some) together on an Authors’ Page. If you add a new author to your site, no sweat – these plugin will automatically add them to your Authors’ Page.

Author Avatars List
The Author Avatars List plug works by inserting shortcodes or by using a widget in a sidebar.  Here are a few things you can do with the plugin.

Show users by groups
Control size of avatars
Show users names and bios (or not)

(Top – L to R) Mark Twain, Virginia Woolf, Edgar Allan Poe, Ernest Hemingway(Bottom – L to R) Jane Austen, Leo Tolstoy, William Shakespeare (bottom), Emily Dickinson (top), James Joyce
    (Top – L to R) Mark Twain, Virginia Woolf, Edgar Allan Poe, Ernest Hemingway
    (Bottom – L to R) Jane Austen, Leo Tolstoy, William Shakespeare (bottom), Emily Dickinson (top), James Joyce

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