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One of our most popular categories, you’ll find everything to do with WordPress plugins here. Most often you’ll find us reviewing free plugins and keeping people up to date with the latest trends. But we also occasionally review premium plugins if we think our readers might be interested. We’ll also do more comprehensive posts such as
Top 100 WordPress Plugins
. Our reviews consist of posts such as 10 Instagram Plugins for WordPress, Top 5 Forum Plugins for WordPress, Best Font Plugins for WordPress, Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Front End Posting, Editing, and Uploading, and many, many more.

How to Remove WordPress Inactive Widgets in a Flash

The Inactive Widgets section in WordPress is a handy little tool. If you haven’t noticed it before, it sits below the normal widgets section. Instead of deleting a widget you’ve used before, you can drag it to the Inactive Widgets area, and it will keep all the settings. If you decide you want to use it again one day, simply drag it back into one of your widget areas, and it will be all set to go as it was before.


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Make WordPress Users Happy With Simple Documentation in the Dashboard

Try to remember back to the first time you used WordPress. Beginners look at all of these menu items and can become easily overwhelmed. Many newbies just give up, despite having the desire to create and publish content. If you’re a developer who has set up many WordPress sites for others, only to find that they never bother to manage it or publish any content, then you may want to look at some new ways to help your client feel at home in the dashboard.


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Monetize Your WordPress Website in Five Minutes With Membership

Most sites you stumble across these days have some form of membership, whether it be a news site like The New York Times, an online community such as reddit or social networking sites Facebook or Twitter.

In fact, all of the world’s top 25 websites have a community of members. It’s big business and the easiest way to monetize your content and make your website profitable. After all, no one wants to give away their stuff for free.

WPMU DEV Membership plugin

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The Ultimate Video Guide to using the Ultimate Facebook plugin

Integrating your website – and your visitors – with Facebook makes sense. After all, it is the world’s most popular social network.

But have you tried integrating Facebook with your site? Tired of having to install a gazillion different plugins just to get basic functionality?

WPMU DEV’s Ultimate Facebook plugin is the ultimate go-to plugin for integrating everything from Like buttons and photo albums to activity feeds and public comments on your site.

WPMU Dev Ultimate Facebook plugin

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9 Top Free WordPress Author Bio Box Plugins

For some sites, drawing attention to the author or authors on your site may be a key piece of your overall strategy. Perhaps you’re trying to establish a more personal tone. Perhaps you’re trying to build a reputation. Perhaps you’re trying to attract quality contributors. These are but a few potential reasons why you might want to make sure your readers connect the content with the person writing it.


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6 Impressive WordPress Job Board Solutions You’d Want Working for You

If you’re looking to run a job board with WordPress, then we have some good news for you. There are a number of nice solutions out there that offer a range of impressive functions and designs.

As always, of course, you might not get everything you’re looking for in one solution. You might think one has everything you want, but then you start looking at another, and you see something that you didn’t think of before. And having seen it, you decide you have to have that too.


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Kill Passwords: How To Never Use a Password With WordPress Again

Are you tired of forgetting your password and sending reset emails? WordPress is everywhere and chances are that you have multiple sets of login credentials for your many WordPress sites. Keeping track of all of this login info can be maddening, especially if you’re a developer with hundreds of sites.

Imagine your life without passwords. Believe it or not, you don’t have to trade security for convenience.

Introducing LaunchKey: Your Ticket to Killing Passwords Forever


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