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One of our most popular categories, you’ll find everything to do with WordPress plugins here. Most often you’ll find us reviewing free plugins and keeping people up to date with the latest trends. But we also occasionally review premium plugins if we think our readers might be interested. We’ll also do more comprehensive posts such as
Top 100 WordPress Plugins
. Our reviews consist of posts such as 10 Instagram Plugins for WordPress, Top 5 Forum Plugins for WordPress, Best Font Plugins for WordPress, Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Front End Posting, Editing, and Uploading, and many, many more.

How to Reset Your WordPress Site

Have you ever had one of those days when you just want to hit the reset button and start again?

Resetting your WordPress site can be useful if you are testing out a bunch of plugins and themes and want to reset your test environment to clear out the options table along with everything else.

In today’s Weekend WordPress Project, I’ll show you how to quickly nuke your site, leaving you with a blank slate.

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Improve the WordPress Visual Editor With These Cool Hacks

WordPress 3.9 will feature the updated TinyMCE version 4 in core when it’s shipped next month.

Version 4 looks real nice. It’s got a completely new GUI, simple and faster dialogs, and new and improved APIs and default plugins and better code quality.

It’s also minimalistic. Buttons have been dumped for WordPress, such as the paste from Microsoft Word button (who uses that, anyway?). There are just 14 buttons.

What a lot of WordPress users don’t realize, though, is that there’s more to the WordPress Visual Editor – and its backend, TinyMCE – than meets the eye.

Feature image

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10 Plugins to Improve Your WordPress Pages

Most of us are probably used to using Posts as the basis for most of our WordPress content. And that’s fine. But if you ask me, Pages rock.

I guess I like Pages because they often provide an opportunity to do something different.

If you’re writing a blog and using Posts, then your posts are going to pretty much all take the same look.

But a Page could be almost anything. On top of that, one Page can look wildly different from another, and nobody bats an eye. All bets are off with Pages.


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8+ Awesome Plugins for Safely Moving WordPress

Whether you need to migrate a client project from a local development site or you’re just tired of your web host’s sloooow service and awful support, there are many reasons why you might need to migrate a WordPress site.

Migrating a site manually can be fiddly and you risk messing things up (though if you follow our step-by-step guide How to Safely Move Your WordPress Site (Without Losing Anything!) you shouldn’t have any problems at all).

Site migration

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5 Free WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

Free pricing table plugins have come a long way in WordPress. It wasn’t that long ago that you had to go premium in order to get a nice-looking pricing table.

No more.

There are a number of free plugins on the market that would be suitable for many people.

Gone are the blocky spreadsheet looks. Many now come with prebuilt templates and color control.

Below we go over five of them. Be sure to check out the final review at the end.


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Strengthen Your WordPress Category Pages by Putting Your Best Posts First

How far do you imagine visitors dig once they click into your category archives?

If you’re lucky, you’ll get them to the bottom of the first page. And after looking at stats from a number of different websites, I’d say you’re really lucky if you get even 10% moving onto the second page.

And so on your site, what would a visitor find on that first page or two? Would they find your absolute best posts in that category?

Do some of the heavy lifting for your visitors and make your category pages stronger.

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15 Free Coming Soon Themes & Plugins for WordPress

When you aren’t quite ready roll out with your site, but you want to get something up anyway, then the best option is usually an attractive coming soon page.

There are two basic ways of getting a coming soon page. You can either go with a theme or a plugin.

We have both ways covered below. First we list the ten best free coming soon themes we could find. And then we move onto five free coming soon plugins.


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6 Best Dropbox Plugins for WordPress

When you’re on the go, having access to your important files on multiple devices is crucial. Dropbox makes storing and sharing your files easy. No wonder more than 50 million people use it.

According to Dropbox, more than 1 million files are saved every three minutes and 500 million files are saved daily.

Dropbox has become an essential tool in many people’s workflow and there are a lot of WordPress plugins available to help make the most of this fantastic service.

The list below brings together many of the top plugins available for integrating WordPress with Dropbox.

WordPress Dropbox

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Stop WordPress Stealing Your Brand’s Limelight

WordPress is brilliant and free but it seems to hog the limelight at the most inopportune of times, ruining your best branding efforts and confusing your users.

You can wrestle back control with a swag of plugins and hacks. Alternatively, you can install Ultimate Branding from WPMU DEV which will not only consolidates all the best white-labelling techniques in a single plugin but provides even more opportunities to keep your brand in the limelight.

WordPress logo with the word branding trying to peek around it

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7 Plugins and Child Themes To Enhance TwentyFourteen

Twenty Fourteen, the newest WordPress default theme, certainly has its fair share of detractors. We called it a flawed beauty.

Since its launch, a number of plugins and child themes have been produced which offer a range of enhancements and address some of the original themes flaws.

If you like the layout of Twenty Fourteen but would like more control of the theme’s look and feel and functionality then here’s the help you need.

Two child themes flanking the original 2014 theme

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