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Along with Plugins, WordPress Themes is one of our more popular categories. While we often do posts alerting readers to great free themes, we’ll also cover premium themes as well. (No, we don’t chock them full of affiliate links as many do. We don’t do affiliate links.) In addition, we’ll also do posts such as Why You Should Never Search for Free WordPress Themes in Google and Comprehensive Review of 7 of the Most Popular WordPress Premium Theme Frameworks. Some of our “collection posts” include 120 Free Premium WordPress Themes, The 40 Best Free WordPress Magazine Themes, 35 Free Simple & Clean WordPress Themes, and 7 Free Twitter Bootstrap Themes for WordPress.

ThemeThrift Releases Hurricane Sandy Relief Bundle of WordPress Themes and Plugins

I am continually amazed by how fast the WordPress community will mobilize to assist a cause. In the face of the devastation that Hurricane Sandy has wreaked on the American Northeast, some benevolent WordPress folks have teamed up to help victims in a unique way: by releasing free WordPress stuff.

If you love WordPress themes and plugins and are also wondering how you can help those hit hardest by the hurricane, then jump on board and donate $10 (or more!) for this sweet collection of 13 themes and 2 plugins.


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wpCasa Real Estate Theme Framework

As a WordPress guy and a Tulsa REALTOR®, I’m happy to introduce you to wpCasa. The wpCasa WordPress theme framework has been in development for several years, created by the ThemeShift team (featured on last year’s Niche Showcase: WordPress Themes for Real Estate). wpCasa is flexible enough to handle the unique needs of a demanding real estate website. (FYI: I, Clifford, am not from ThemeShift. I’m just introducing you to the new wpCasa real estate theme framework.)
Distinguishing Features
If you’re looking for a dynamic, all-around great WordPress real estate theme framework, you’ve got to consider wpCasa. It’s got so much to offer.

Responsive design

wpCasa Theme Framework

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Free Responsive Newspaper Theme

Newspaper style themes are some of the most popular on the web because they feature some of the best blogging has to offer – cool teaser posts with scalable thumbnail images, interesting typography, featured category views, ad placement, and more.

That’s why we were excited to try out the new creatively titled (and FREE) theme, Newspaper, from the gang at Fearless Flyer.

Newspaper Featured Image

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52 Free WordPress Themes with Post Formats

In Version 3.1 of WordPress, a new theme feature called “post formats” was added. Post formats allow you to change how a post is styled by choosing a pre-determined type such a quote post, a gallery post, an image post, a link post, an audio post, etc.

You choose the format you’d like by selecting a radio button located on the right side of the screen on the Post/Edit page. Here’s an example of post format types.



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30 Free High Quality 3-Column WordPress Themes

If you’re looking for a high-quality free theme that gives you three columns to work with, then we’ve collected thirty of them for you below.

Note – Some of these screenshots capture only two columns; however, the themes do have a three column option.


2. Pagelines — DOWNLOAD | DEMO

3. Uridimmu — DOWNLOAD | DEMO


4. Travel Blogger — DOWNLOAD | DEMO


5. Blaskan — DOWNLOAD | DEMO


6. Suffusion — DOWNLOAD | DEMO

7. Swift Basic — DOWNLOAD | DEMO

8. Montezuma — DOWNLOAD | DEMO

9. Pinboard — DOWNLOAD | DEMO

10. Designfolio — DOWNLOAD | DEMO


11. Cakifo– DOWNLOAD | DEMO




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Bootstrap Commerce Combines WordPress Commerce Platforms With Twitter Bootstrap

If you’re a fan of WordPress and Twitter Bootstratp working together, you’ll be excited to know that this now extends into e-commerce. Bootstrap Commerce is a new site dedicated to creating Bootstrap themes that are fully integrated with popular WordPress commerce platforms. The site currently offers responsive, HTML5 themes for MarketPress and Easy Digital Downloads, another fantastic WordPress plugin for selling digital products.

The MarketPress flavor of Bootstrap Commerce supports and extends MarketPress and adds many additional options for customizing the theme, including support for multiple product images and a featured products slider.


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Round 2: Comprehensive Review of 6 More Popular WordPress Premium Theme Frameworks

Last updated: 11:35 am Eastern Time on October 18, 2012

About this Theme Review
This is the much anticipated Round 2 of the WordPress Premium Theme Framework Comparison, which has dozens of valuable comments appreciating the WPMU DEV review, correcting errors (that I then updated in the post), telling me how I skipped that person’s favorite one, and asking for additional insights. That’s exactly what I want this one, Round 2, to be.

To be clear, my goals in comparing themes in this table format are to:

WordPress Premium Theme Framework Review - Round 2

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Free Premium WordPress Themes With SEO (Also: Nudes, Cats, Cheeseburgers)

Top 11 topics in this column:

Free WordPress themes!
Free premium themes!
Free WordPress plugins!
Free premium plugins!
Free SEO secrets unveiled for free!
Free nude women!
Free nude males!
Free nude pandas!
Cats! Because you know, they can stand on their own.
Cheeseburgers! (Sorry, got hungry…)
Also: More FREE WordPress stuff!

That got your attention huh? No? How about a cat lying on a book then?


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25 Free WordPress Themes with Homepage Sliders

Looking for a free WordPress theme with a built in slider? We’ve collected 25 great ones below.

1. Oxygen — DOWNLOAD | DEMO

2. Ascetica — DOWNLOAD | DEMO


3. Triton Lite — DOWNLOAD | DEMO

4. Pitch — DOWNLOAD | DEMO

5. Snapshot — DOWNLOAD | DEMO

6. Minimatica — DOWNLOAD | DEMO

7. Absolum — DOWNLOAD | DEMO

8. Bightpage DOWNLOAD | DEMO

9. Fazio — DOWNLOAD | DEMO


10. Creativix — DOWNLOAD | DEMO

11. zeeDisplay — DOWNLOAD | DEMO

12. zeeBusiness — DOWNLOAD | DEMO

13. zeeCorportate – DOWNLOAD | DEMO

14. Scylla Lite — DOWNLOAD | DEMO

15. Tiger — DOWNLOAD | DEMO

16. iRibbon — DOWNLOAD | DEMO




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Thesis 2.0: A First Look

Last week, Thesis 2.0 was released as a premium WordPress Theme Framework. It was the first major update, a total theme re-conception really, in more than four years.

The result is a drag and drop website and theme creator like no other; with the ability to create custom websites in just minutes with absolutely no custom coding.

Thesis 2.0 is comprised by four featured areas; Site Options, Skins, Boxes, and Packages. Each has a distinct function, powerful in its simplicity.
Site Options

Thesis 2 Featured Image

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