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Along with Plugins, WordPress Themes is one of our more popular categories. While we often do posts alerting readers to great free themes, we’ll also cover premium themes as well. (No, we don’t chock them full of affiliate links as many do. We don’t do affiliate links.) In addition, we’ll also do posts such as Why You Should Never Search for Free WordPress Themes in Google and Comprehensive Review of 7 of the Most Popular WordPress Premium Theme Frameworks. Some of our “collection posts” include 120 Free Premium WordPress Themes, The 40 Best Free WordPress Magazine Themes, 35 Free Simple & Clean WordPress Themes, and 7 Free Twitter Bootstrap Themes for WordPress.

The Naked WordPress Theme: A Crash Course For Designers

Here’s the scenario: You’re brand new to WordPress and you’ve been asked by your client to use it for their new website. You’ve created a beautiful design but have very limited time to learn about how to theme WordPress. You look to the codex but it has more information than you need and it’s difficult to piece it all together.

When you browse the code in the default WordPress theme, you have no idea what any of it does and you are running out of time. You need a crash course in the worst way. You need the Naked WordPress Theme.

"The solution for designers who don't know WordPress"

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120 Free WordPress Themes from Premium Theme Developers

Everyone familiar with WordPress knows the tactic of giving away free themes in order to build a name or attract customers to your paid offerings.

It’s pretty much a win-win for everyone. If you’re happy with the free theme, then carry on with it. It you want more functionality (or support in many case), then you’ll need to upgrade to a paid option.

At the very least, free themes let you check out a designer’s work from the inside with zero pressure involved. And so all in all, free themes from professional theme developers are a good thing.


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Leading Premium WordPress Theme Providers Compared

A major reason behind the popularity of WordPress is the easy availability of various readymade themes to help you give your website or blog a unique look. In fact, a search for “wordpress themes” on Google returns over 154,000,000 results.

However, searching for WordPress themes on Google is not the best solution, and this is where premium theme providers come into play. In this article, I shall be taking a closer look at some of the leading premium theme makers for WordPress. 

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20 Awesome WordPress Themes For Charities, Churches, and Non-Profits

Charities, religious organizations, and non-profits have their own sets of needs in a website. Some of those needs are similar to the needs of any organization, but some are more unique.

In this article, we shall be taking a look at some of the best free and premium WordPress themes specifically meant for charity groups, churches, and other non-profit organizations. Along the way, we’ll outline some of those special needs these organizations have, and give you a rundown on how each theme stacks up to those needs.

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7 Free, Modern Starter Frameworks for WordPress Designers

There are several ways how designers approach the process of creating custom WordPress-based websites and WordPress themes:

one can start from scratch, writing the entire code “by hand”. This is the most time-consuming and, to the best of our knowledge, relatively rarely used method,
one can take a ready-made WordPress theme (either free or premium) and tweak it until the desired result is reached,
or one can use what is called a theme framework to save a significant amount of time which would otherwise be spent on writing and testing the same code base over again.


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DIY Truly Responsive Images on Your WordPress Website

Responsive Web Design is all the craze at the moment. Watching websites cascade into different layouts as you resize the browser can even be mesmerising.

But there’s one facet of RWD that still remains a (properly) unsolved problem. Responsive Images.

Download the source files (twentytwelve child theme).

If you simply use CSS’s max-width: 100%; attribute, mobile sites will still be downloading full size images. That’s an issue, because if your desktop site has images 920px wide, the mobile version will still be downloading this massive image, making loading time slow.

Enter Picturefill


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Build an App With WordPress – The compulsory todo list

Matt Mullenweg’s State Of The Word was very insightful into what was to come of WordPress in 2012. One thing he mentioned would be big, is be WordPress powering apps.

With that in mind, there aren’t many posts around that teach you how to make an app. I thought I’d start with the compulsory “How to make a to-do list app using WordPress!” It even works across all platforms- that’s right. Mobile, Tablet and Desktop!


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Free MarketPress Theme And Floating Shopping Cart Extension

MarketPressThemes.com is a WordPress theme shop centered around MarketPress, one of our most popular plugins at WPMU DEV. If you’re a big fan of MarketPress, then this is a store you’ll want to bookmark. MarketPress Themes offers professionally developed themes for online stores, as well as a number of excellent free plugins for the community.
FlexMarket: A Free MarketPress Theme


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Sneak Peek At The New Twenty Thirteen WordPress Theme

The first draft of the new Twenty Thirteen WordPress theme was made public this week. Mark Jaquith introduced the new theme on make.wordpress.org. The goals for the Twenty Thirteen theme are to provide a focus on blogging as well as great support for post formats.

Here’s a quick peek at what the design team has been up to:

Check out a live demo.


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