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Along with Plugins, WordPress Themes is one of our more popular categories. While we often do posts alerting readers to great free themes, we’ll also cover premium themes as well. (No, we don’t chock them full of affiliate links as many do. We don’t do affiliate links.) In addition, we’ll also do posts such as Why You Should Never Search for Free WordPress Themes in Google and Comprehensive Review of 7 of the Most Popular WordPress Premium Theme Frameworks. Some of our “collection posts” include 120 Free Premium WordPress Themes, The 40 Best Free WordPress Magazine Themes, 35 Free Simple & Clean WordPress Themes, and 7 Free Twitter Bootstrap Themes for WordPress.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a WordPress Theme

Free is great, right? Who doesn’t like free stuff?

But when it comes to free WordPress themes, ‘free’ doesn’t always equal ‘great’. In fact, sometimes free sucks.

Why? Because sometimes you need more than most free themes can deliver. You need complex functionality, kick-ass design, and rock-solid support.

This is where premium themes come in to play.

There are various free and paid WordPress themes out there, each meant for a specific purpose. In this article, I shall be discussing six points that you should keep in mind when choosing a premium WordPress theme. 

1. The Seller

Buying WordPress Themes: Points You Should Consider

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Build Beautiful WordPress Sites With Zurb’s Responsive Foundation Framework

Living mostly in the shadow of Twitter Bootstrap is a powerful CSS framework that is just now making its way into WordPress themes. Billed as “freakishly advanced”, with support for literally any grid size from mobile phone to TV, this is one framework that can no longer be overlooked. Today we’re going to explore Foundation, the MIT-licensed front-end framework created by ZURB, Inc.


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20 Fantastic WordPress Footer Designs

Let’s face it – even though they often contain vital information, footers generally don’t get much respect.

Unless someone is looking for information that might typically be found in the footer area, many people won’t give footers a second look. To readers, typically footers mean “the end,” “time to move on,” “that’s enough,” “how do I get out of here?”

But if you have a footer that surprises in some way, something that offers a little more, something that pops out at the visitor, then you just may catch their attention enough to engage them a little more.


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How to Customize Responsive WordPress Themes – Part 4: Media Queries

In this 4th part of the series on “How to Customize Responsive WordPress Themes”, we’re going to take a closer look at media queries, and see how they work their magic in responsive WordPress themes. And don’t worry; it’s really not as complicated as you might think. On the contrary, as powerful and flexible as media queries may be, they’re actually very simple.

Responsive WordPress Themes - How Media Queries Work

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Site5 Releases Two Free Responsive WordPress Themes: Veecard and Shortnotes

Who doesn’t love free WordPress themes? Site5 has just released TWO free WordPress themes at once. The folks at Site5 hosting have a special place in their hearts for WordPress and have created a growing collection of beautiful free themes.
Shortnotes: A Free Tumblog Style WordPerss Theme

Shortnotes is a simple and free responsive WordPress theme built for microblogging. The theme features support for post formats and built-in pagination. It’s also localization ready.

Check out a live demo of the theme and read more about Shortnotes on its project page at Site5.
Veecard: A Responsive vCard Website Theme


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30 Free Business WordPress Themes

Need a theme to highlight your business? We’ve got thirty free ones here for you.

A WordPress business theme is a theme that generally doesn’t put a blog front and center. It might certainly have a blog element to it, but you won’t see the “latest posts” taking up much (if any) of the screen space on the front page of a business theme — at least not above the fold (i.e. the top part of the site you can see without scrolling down).


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Agency: A Free Responsive Business Portfolio Theme

With more web traffic happening on tablets and phones these days, it’s invaluable for an online business portfolio to be responsive, minimal and effectively eye catching. If you are looking for a WordPress portfolio theme that accomplishes this and much more, right out of the box, you should take a look at Agency. It’s a beautiful free theme offered by EGrappler. Agency was built using Twitter Bootstrap and was designed to be the perfect theme for businesses or creative agencies.


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