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In this category you’ll find all sorts of WordPress tutorials, large and small, simple and complex. One of the great things about WordPress is that it’s relatively simple, but you still have to know how to do things. In this section, we aim to help you out there. Our readers range from beginners to experts, and so we try to covert that gamut with our tutorials as well. For example, a post more toward the beginner end of the scale would be How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress in Three Simple Steps. Another would be How to Upgrade a WordPress Theme.  An example of a little more advanced tutorial might be How to Widgetize a Page, Post, Header or Any Other Template in WordPress. And even further up the scale would be Install WordPress Locally on Windows with Xampp and DIY Truly Responsive Images on Your WordPress Website.

From WordPress Beginner to Pro: 200+ Career-Boosting Resources

Whether you’re just starting out with WordPress or you’ve been developing with it for some time, you’ll probably find that the resources out there to help you learn are pretty daunting. There are hundreds if not thousands of sites and blogs dedicated to sharing tips, tutorials, news and information about WordPress, and it’s not always easy to know which ones are the most reliable, up-to-date or relevant for you.

WordPress resources.

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The Secrets to Writing WordPress Posts That Convert

If you run a business online, having a blog is essential. It’s a quick way to build an online presence for your brand. Regular blogging has the benefit of keeping your site populated with fresh content. And fresh content means an increased likelihood of fresh eyes on your posts. It also means greater opportunities for search engines to index your site’s pages. When that happens, say hello to increased organic traffic!

Secrets to writing posts that convert

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Make Your Images POP With Super Easy and Sexy CSS Styling

I’m sure you already have an idea of how important images are to the success of your website.

But when it comes to boosting engagement (and ultimately your bottom line), it’s not just about including images on your site, it’s about what images you include and how you present them.

In this post I want to tackle one important piece of that puzzle: the presentation.

Photo filter plugins.

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Make Your WordPress Site BuddyPress-Ready

BuddyPress is a great tool for adding social networking to your WordPress site, but what if your site’s theme wasn’t built with BuddyPress in mind? Even worse, what if you have a regular WordPress theme that doesn’t play well with BuddyPress at all?

Missing menus, pages that aren’t displaying properly, perhaps even a sidebar or two that just look completely wrong… I’ll pause here to let you gasp. If this has been the case for any sites you’ve built, don’t panic! Read on.


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How To Build WordPress Widgets Like A Pro

WordPress widgets seem to be shortcode’s poor cousins. Perhaps it’s because they are a little more “black box”, a little trickier to code or thought of simply as a sidebar component.

However the prevalence of drag-and-drop builders is freeing widgets from the confines of the sidebar and turning them into an increasingly crucial tool in the WordPress site building process.

Learning how to build your own WordPress widgets is going to enable you to create sites that are quick to build and easy to manage.

Post featured image

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How To Create An Awesome Newsletter Signup Popup For Your WordPress Site

When it comes to newsletter signups, simply putting a form in a sidebar widget doesn’t cut it. You need to get on the front foot and get your signup form in the face of your visitors.

You need a popup. And not just any old popup. You need an awesome popup that is bold, eye-catching with the kind of entrance that makes everyone in a room stop talking and pay attention.

Here’s how.

How to create awesome popups

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Are You Avoiding These Common WordPress Code Issues?

There are numerous articles about fixing code errors and more than enough on mistakes to avoid as WordPress users. I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some coding issues which work but would be considered inefficient, or bad code.

I’ll focus on some of the most common problems I’ve seen around and some errors which I’m ashamed to say I’ve committed in the past myself.

A cleaner sign

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Five for the Future: How to Help Out in the WordPress Support Forums

You probably remember the hullabaloo a few months ago around Matt Mullenweg’s rally to the greater WordPress community to create a more sustainable vision for the future of the open source project.

Automattic’s founder suggested that businesses revolving around WordPress (either webhosts, developers, designers, etc.) contribute 5 percent of their workforce to helping WordPress core. While some in the WordPress community criticized his sentiments, others embraced the call to action, including us to the point we’re currently trialling and training seven new support staff members, two of whom will be assigned to work full-time in the WordPress Support Forums.

Five for the Future

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The Easy Way To Create Content Grids in WordPress

CSS grids in design are very popular these days. While some people will argue semantics when it comes to grid, there’s no denying the ease-of-use it brings to the table. Even more so when you give this power to the end users.

By using a grid shortcode users can create arbitrary layouts in WordPress – a freedom that would have been much-envied 5-6 years ago. There are many column plugins in the repository which will allow you to take advantage of this functionality right now, I thought it would be nice to build our own, to understand how it works a bit better.


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Stop Printing Ugly WordPress Pages With This Easy Fix

As a WordPress designer, you fret and worry about how your pages and posts look – on the screen. But have you ever checked to see what they look like when printed on paper? Chances are good that your pages don’t look so great when printed. Surprisingly, a lot of people like to print web pages – and some clients will insist that their pages have to look good when printed – but getting WordPress pages and posts to look great in print isn’t always easy. The key to getting great-looking WordPress pages in print is print styles, and in this post you’ll find out how to get your own customized WordPress print styles.

Three pages printed instead of three.

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