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In this category you’ll find all sorts of WordPress tutorials, large and small, simple and complex. One of the great things about WordPress is that it’s relatively simple, but you still have to know how to do things. In this section, we aim to help you out there. Our readers range from beginners to experts, and so we try to covert that gamut with our tutorials as well. For example, a post more toward the beginner end of the scale would be How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress in Three Simple Steps. Another would be How to Upgrade a WordPress Theme.  An example of a little more advanced tutorial might be How to Widgetize a Page, Post, Header or Any Other Template in WordPress. And even further up the scale would be Install WordPress Locally on Windows with Xampp and DIY Truly Responsive Images on Your WordPress Website.

Set the Default Admin Color for Users in WordPress Multisite

When version 3.8 of WordPress came out, it changed a number of things in the admin area. One of those things was the default color scheme.

It used to be that the default color scheme was lighter in color.

Now it’s much darker and looks like this:

Changing the Color for Multisite Users
While it’s easy to go to your profile and change that if you don’t like it, if you run a Multisite Network, then you have all your users to deal with as well.


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WordPress Security Essentials: Obscurity Tactics and Backups

Security by obscurity is by no means a be-all, end-all solution for keeping nasty hackers at bay, but should still play at part in your overall defence plan.

Obscurity as a security measure is the belief that a site can remain secure so long as nobody outside of its implementation is allowed to find out anything about its internal mechanisms.

In the final video in our WordPress Security Essentials series, we look at obscurity tactics and tried-and-true measures for backing up your site.

Security feature image

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WordPress Security Essentials : Building A Layered Defense

Preventing a hack attack is virtually impossible, so the pragmatic goal of any security strategy is to make any attack as difficult as possible.

If the attack can be slowed down sufficiently then the perpetrators will likely give up and move on to a new target.

In this installment of our WordPress Security Essentials video series, we take a look at layered security or layered defence:  the combining of multiple security controls to protect your WordPress site’s critical files and data.

WordPress security essentials - layered security

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WordPress Security Essentials: Password and Username Safety

There are simple ways you can help avoid a hacking attempt on your site, such as keeping your version of WordPress up-to-date and using themes and plugins from reputable sources.

But what can you do to fight off brute force?

In the third video in our WordPress Security Essentials series, we look at practical ways to combat username and password cracking.

WordPress Security

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Boost time-on-site by auto-loading new posts like qz.com and Medium

Are you finding that despite your considerable efforts to drive traffic to your WordPress site, the bounce rate and time-on-site stubbornly refuse to improve as your visitors read that one page then move on?

Take a leaf out of the books of mega sites qz.com and Medium and get proactive. Don’t wait for the reader to click for a new post, put it right in front of them. Automatically. And give them every reason to stay a little longer.

Let me show you how.

We all want our visitors to spend time with us because we're interesting

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WordPress Security Essentials: Say Goodbye to Hackers

It’s not fun having your site hacked. Beefing up your site’s security can seem like a chore, but it’s far easier than dealing with the aftermath of malicious hackers taking down your site.

So how exactly do you secure your WordPress site?

We’ve put together a five-part video series we’re calling WordPress Security Essentials. The series covers everything you need to know, from theme and plugin safety to password best practice, database backups and layered security measures. We’ll be featuring each of the five videos on the WPMU DEV blog this week.

WordPress Security

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Free WordPress Themes: The Ultimate Guide

There are so many free WordPress themes out there it can put your head in a tail spin. So in an effort to help you sift through the good and the – let’s face it – crap, we’ve put together this ultimate guide to free WordPress themes.

This post is your one-stop, all-you-can-eat resource for information about free WordPress Themes.

There’s an overwhelming number of free themes available – just search Google. It’s easy enough to just download the first free theme that catches your eye. And why wouldn’t you? They’re free!

Work desk

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Do Naked WordPress And Web Apps Mean The End For Mobile Themes?

The dominance of theme-driven delivery of WordPress content to readers has been virtually unchallenged over the last ten years.

But Atlantic Media’s Quartz has shown that web apps can not only match but surpass themes in providing a great end-user experience.

In this article, we’ll consider the advantages of delivering WordPress content via a web app, look at how to deliver your site using a web app with a proof-of-concept and ponder whether the days of the traditional WordPress theme are numbered.

Web apps offer plenty of advantages when delivering WordPress content to mobile users

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