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In this category you’ll find all sorts of WordPress tutorials, large and small, simple and complex. One of the great things about WordPress is that it’s relatively simple, but you still have to know how to do things. In this section, we aim to help you out there. Our readers range from beginners to experts, and so we try to covert that gamut with our tutorials as well. For example, a post more toward the beginner end of the scale would be How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress in Three Simple Steps. Another would be How to Upgrade a WordPress Theme.  An example of a little more advanced tutorial might be How to Widgetize a Page, Post, Header or Any Other Template in WordPress. And even further up the scale would be Install WordPress Locally on Windows with Xampp and DIY Truly Responsive Images on Your WordPress Website.

Boost Your Site’s Impact With Custom Sidebars and Widgets

If your WordPress site uses static sidebars and widgets then you are missing out on a massive opportunity.

Would your Contact Us page be enhanced by having its own sidebar? Do you have a free download that you’d like to display in a widget for just a week? Would you like to show a special offer to logged-in users only?

In this Weekend WordPress Project, we’ll give your static sidebars and widgets a dynamic makeover that will dramatically improve the relevance and impact of your site’s content.

Weekend WordPress Project logo

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Highlighting Comments on Your WordPress Site Since Your Last Visit

We get a lot of comments on our blog from our awesome members, but it can be hard to keep track of comments.

It can be a pain to subscribe to comments (more pesky emails landing in my inbox!), though after a few hits of the refresh button, new and old comments blur into one when discussion really takes off on a popular post.

Luckily, there’s a simple way for site admins to help their readers.

In today’s Weekend WordPress Project I’ll show you how to highlight new comments made on a post since a person’s last visit.

Comments Since Last Visit

Comments feature image

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How to Make a WordPress Blog Completely Private

Although it’s easy to make individual posts private or password protected in WordPress, what if you wanted your whole blog to be private?

We’re not talking about partially private here. We’re talking about a blog that’s completely off the grid except for those who have access.

We covered this topic a while ago, and at that time it took a combination of several plugins to make a site completely private.

Since that time, however, some plugins have upped their game, and really you only need one.

Private Only Plugin


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How to Massively Reduce Your Images for a Faster WordPress Site

Page speed is often an issue for WordPress users. Many are often looking for a way to increase it.

Not only does it affect your users, it also affects your SEO (because it affects users, of course).

Large images are often one of the worst culprits when it comes to slowing down pages. And so we’re going to talk about a way to massively reduce the size of your images (both on the page and on the server).


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Support Your Clients With White Label Videos and Awesome Tutorials

Did you know we have dozens of continuously updated, high quality white label video user manuals for WordPress?

We’ve also got a comprehensive YouTube channel featuring 180+ videos on how to use our plugins, and topics such as installing WordPress, how to beef up your security and choosing the right web host.

Providing support for clients with little to no experience with WordPress can be a costly exercise, both in time and money. Who’s got time for hand holding?

White label videos

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How To Highlight New Content For Returning Visitors

The What’s New or What’s Hot page was an early web essential for showing visitors the latest content for a website.

Those pages have all but disappeared but there’s still merit in the idea of telling visitors what has been published since their last visit.

In this WordPress Weekend Project, let’s mix nostalgia with sophistication and highlight new content for returning visitors.

Get nostalgic and show your visitors what's new

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Embed Tweets, YouTube Videos, and More into Text Widgets with a URL

In a WordPress post, you can simply place the URL from a YouTube video or tweet into your editor, and the video or tweet will automatically be embedded.

You can also do this with media from a number of other sites such as Flickr and Vimeo and Slideshare. (See the entire list here.)

Trying to do that in a text widget, however, doesn’t work.

But there’s a way around that.
Code Snippet for Embeds in Text Widgets
As you’ll be changing your theme for solution, you should probably consider either creating a child theme or making your own simple plugin to use.


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Setting an Animated GIF as a Featured Image in WordPress

If you’ve ever tried to set an animated gif as a featured image in WordPress, you’ve probably discovered that you can’t.

The reason why is pretty simple. Your theme grabs a resized version of the featured image you upload. And in the case of an animated gif, that means it’s not grabbing the original gif image, and so you end up with a static image.

The Solution


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