Multisite Plugins

How to Get Different Themes on Different WordPress Pages

Have you ever wanted to use more than one WordPress theme on a site at same time? Well, it’s possible.

Of course you could create a page template or even a specific post template and then style them as you like. But let’s be honest – most of us don’t have the design skills to code up a template from scratch and make it look good.

Fortunately for us design-challenged folks, we don’t have to worry. There’s a way to assign whatever theme you like to specific pages or posts with a plugin called Jonoradio Multiple Themes.


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Building a Magazine Style Homepage for a Multisite Network

Multisite network homepages often look messy, robotic, and unattended to. They’re often littered with anonymous avatars, title links for spam or test posts, and excerpts that look as if they were written in a language that doesn’t even exist.

Wouldn’t it be better if you had a homepage for your network that looked like a bright, shiny, well-edited magazine?

That’s what we’ll be aiming for in this post.


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7 Plugins For Easier WordPress Multisite User Management

Getting your head around how user accounts work on WordPress multisite can be a little difficult not least because at times it seems to be counter-intuitive.

In this article, I’ll walk-through how a default installation of multisite handles users across a network and look at a number of plugins that will make managing users easier and more logical for you, your site owners and the users themselves.

Photo of a large crowd

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1-Click Multisite BuddyPress Install With New Blog Templates

The New Blog Templates plugin has always been invaluable for WordPress multisite network owners wanting to provide pre-packaged sites for their clients.

The latest updates add BuddyPress compatibility, taking pre-packaging to new heights by allowing network owners to provide site owners with a 1-click install of a fully-configured, fully-themed BuddyPress site.

Featured image consisting of multiple screen grabs of a BuddyPress site

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Set the Default Admin Color for Users in WordPress Multisite

When version 3.8 of WordPress came out, it changed a number of things in the admin area. One of those things was the default color scheme.

It used to be that the default color scheme was lighter in color.

Now it’s much darker and looks like this:

Changing the Color for Multisite Users
While it’s easy to go to your profile and change that if you don’t like it, if you run a Multisite Network, then you have all your users to deal with as well.


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New Plugin Release: Multisite Content Copier by WPMU DEV

Hot on the heels of the release of Pretty Plugins, comes Multisite Content Copier.

The latest plugin from the WPMU Dev stable, it is the perfect solution for copying posts, pages, users and even plugins across your multisite network.

With the flexibility to update a single site, all sites or groups of sites plus integration with New Blogs Templates, with Multisite Content Copier copying content between sites has never been easier.


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New Plugin Release: Pretty Plugins by WPMU DEV

We’ve been busy working away on lots of new products for our members and today we’ve excited to announce our latest plugin, Pretty Plugins.

Pretty Plugins allows you to list, sort, manage and even sell plugins on your Multisite network. You can group plugins into categories, give them eye-catching feature images and display them in an easy-to-use, eye-looking grid. It makes finding and installing plugins a breeze.

Check out our plugins pages to download Pretty Plugins.

Pretty Plugins

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WordPress Multisite Domain Mapping + eNom = Awesome!

Here at WPMU DEV Multisite has always been our bread and butter, and today we’re happy to announce a corking new release to a key MU plugin.

Our WordPress Multisite Domain Mapping plugin has just picked up eNom integration – so that means that Pro Sites users can now also sell and automatically map new domains to their users , woohoo!

Check it out:

Here’s how it works:

Add domain mapping to your WordPress Multisite install
Sell domain names to your users :)


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Display Network-Activated Plugins On WordPress Multisite Blogs

Assessing which plugins are active in a WordPress multisite network can sometimes be a challenge. This is because plugins can be active on one site or network activated across all sites. However, the only place where you can see which plugins are network activated is within the network admin dashboard. This can be confusing because the individual sites’ plugin pages does not list network-activated plugins, even though they are operational on all sites.


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7 Ways To Make WordPress Multisite Work for You

If you’re new to Multisite you may feel as though you’ve been tricked. You were told that it makes managing multiple WordPress sites so much more convenient, so you’ve jumped in with both feet. But now you’re finding new limitations and complexities.

Don’t panic. Here’s what you need to do to get to the other side where you can say “I got this” and finally have multisite working for you.

1. Give yourself a crash course in WordPress Multisite


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