Celebrate What’s New in WordPress 3.1 with Our Fabulous Downloadable Infographic

WordPress 3.1 was released today with a boatload of new features that will improve your overall experience with the platform every day. You’re going to have to upgrade to get in on all the fun, but it should be fairly painless.

What’s New With WordPress 3.1:

If you’re wondering what’s new, we’ve got you covered. In fact, our very own Tammie Lister has created a fancy infographic to highlight all the cool new features:

You can download this graphic for free in three versions: PDF, A4-sized PDF, Print-Quality JPG.

New Features Include:

Post Formats
Take control of your posts with brand new post formats

Theme Search
Search for Themes like never before

Internal Linking
Finally! Easily link to internal content

Admin Bar
Front-end Admin bar just like WordPress.com

Advanced Queries
Query your custom taxonomies and custom fields

Improved Custom Post Types
Generate your own custom post type index page

Better menus, better capability control

Improved Admin CSS
Old, clunky CSS be gone!

User Admin
Create personal dashboards for all of your users

Network Admin
Central Access for your multi-site network admin

Updated and Improved Features:

Better Dashboard!
See your dashboard improved with updated CSS, new dropdown options and more standardization.

Improved Content!
Improvements to custom post types and internal linking. Goodbye extra meta-boxes – find them now under screen options.

Enhanced Theme Search!
Easier than ever to search for the themes that you want, when you want them

Multisite Magic!
Massive improvements to WordPress Multisite with new admin area and personalized dashboards

Superior Security!
Packed with security updates and new, streamlined password recovery

For a full list of details, check out the WordPress codex on the 3.1 release.

Comments (23)

  1. @Castle

    That sentence is a wink to the codename for WordPress 3.1: Django (after jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt), which also happens to be the name of an existing web framework. The developers certainly know the name could cause confusion, so they are clearing it up with some good humour. As far as I am aware, there are no plans to migrate from PHP…

  2. Nice graphic! This update, unfortunately, is not fairly painless. Check with your theme developers to make sure they have updated their themes to 3.1 *before* you update.

    Many themes and widgets are hiccuping due to the changes in 3.1 so best to be safe than sorry! ;-)