Collaboration E-mails Plugin for WordPress MU

Peter’s Collaboration E-mails for WordPress MU is a plugin to help facilitate the workflow from when a Contributor user submits a post for review to when an approver publishes the post.

The typical workflow is as follows:

  1. A Contributor user types up a post and hits the Submit for Review button
  2. Based on the rules defined in Settings > Collaboration e-mails for that particular blog, the plugin e-mails approvers that were defined for that user OR that were defined for the category that was assigned to the post.E-mail regarding pending post

    In that e-mail is a link to edit and approve the post. Of course, any approver can approve the post.

  3. Once the post is approved, the post is visible on the site, and the Contributor user gets an e-mail information them of this.E-mail regarding approved post

This plugin was originally released in 2007, but a recent overhaul added the GUI management menu, support for defining approvers by category, and of course compatibility with WordPress MU. You can automatically make this plugin available for all blogs by putting it in the mu-plugins directory (although no approvers are defined until the Settings > Collaboration e-mails page is visited for a particular blog), or let each individual blog owner activate the plugin on their own by putting it in the plugins directory.

Download the plugin for free here.