Comprehensive Event Management With WordPress: Organize, Promote, and Manage BuddyPress Group Activities

One of the most important reasons to belong to a group or social network is to stay up to date with live and virtual events. If you don’t currently offer support on your network for calendars and event management, then you are missing out on a deeper level of user interaction and community that is created through coordinating events with others. For example, have you noticed how Twitter blows up with event references whenever there’s a WordCamp going on? People are always looking to create meaningful relationships and connections based on mutual interests. Social networking sites can be a huge boost for events that occur outside of the digital world. The capability to promote and manage events will help to land your blog a solid spot in your users’ most frequented bookmarks.

The BuddyPress Group Calendar is the only BuddyPress calendar plugin that is currently compatible with BP 1.2, is regularly updated, and offers a full list of features for event planning, including easy to use widgets. This plugin allows group members and moderators to create and manage events for display in a group calendar, as well as globally across the site.

Organize Activities and Events

This plugin offers the ability for groups to coordinate and organize events. There are unlimited uses for this functionality including practices, festivals, performance schedules, business promotions, networking, learning management systems, markets, corporate events, etc. While creating new events, the user can see upcoming events that are scheduled for that specific group, as well as scroll ahead by month or year. This helps keep your group on track without double-booking.

Promote Events Locally or Globally Across the Network

This is not only a calendar. It offers event planning capabilities and the option to promote events on the front page of the social network. Non-group members can see the events scheduled and may elect to become linked up with the group simply because they are interested in the promoted event. Group members will be able to check out all of the new events that are scheduled for the groups they participate in when they log in to your network.

Easily Manage and Update Events

Past events can be left on the calendar or users can delete them. When creating a new group, the admin has the option to allow moderators and/or group members to create and modify events for the group. This is done on a group-by-group basis. Users may also view future events and load the calendar month by month or for the entire year.

BuddyPress Group Calendar Features

  • Add Events with JavaScript pop up selector
  • Addresses are automatically converted into a link to a map for that location
  • Allow or Restrict Group Moderators and Members to Create and Manage Events
  • View events individually, by month, or year
  • Upcoming Group Events global configurable widget

In short, this is a well-supported premium solution for event management needs that is indispensable for any full-fledged social network. Position your site to become a hub for event management by adding BuddyPress Group Calendar to your network. Collaborating on event details within WordPress has never been easier!