Countdown to 100 plugins, themes, videos and more at WPMU DEV Premium

We’re pretty excited as we’re closing in on having 100 plugins, themes, videos and extras available at WPMU DEV Premium.


At the moment, currently there are 72 plugins (probably more as some of them have multiple plugins in them), 9 themes (for BuddyPress, bbPress, WPMU and regular old WordPressP), 10 videos (all unbranded and ready to reuse) and the language pack and MultiDB platform (never thought of a better name for them apart from ‘extras’).

Which, all in all, means that we currently have 93 current and valid items there  and I reckon we’ll be able to make it to 100 before the month is out!

So we’re giving away 5 annual memberships worth $419 each!!!

So, to celebrate that we’re going to be giving away 5 annual Premium licences (yes, it’d be nice to give away 100, but you know how it is :) which you can either use for a new subscription or as an extension to your current subscription.

How do you enter?

All you have to do to enter is to write a post on your personal or professional blog or forum letting the world know what plugins, support, themes or other stuff have been useful to you – and either tracking back to this post or leaving a comment here with a link to your post.

You have until the 100th plugin or theme is released (so, until the end of this month) and we reckon, with 5 memberships to give away, there’s a pretty good chance you might have a 1 in 2 or better shot at winning!

Update: I should clarify – can you make sure to both link to this post and the plugins / themes you use on WPMU DEV Premium in your entry… if you can do that, you’re in!

Comments (76)

  1. WPMU made it easy for me to set up several great MU websites! Fantastic resource for anyone starting with WordPress MU – and to everyone experienced with WordPress MU, they are a well known leader in the field for the best MU plugins!

  2. We are running a free and open learning project called Peer 2 Peer University using a combination of wiki and WPMU. It’s all driven by volunteers and none of us are full-time technology experts. WPMU Dev seemed perfect for people like us. We (mostly) understand what’s going on with our WPMU setup, but once in a while we wish there was a plug-in that let us do XYZ – chances are that we find you already solved the problem for us. This is a beautiful example of a great business model based on open source software and practices. Thanks for the useful service …

    Best – P

  3. I don’t have any websites yet, but I would say that WPMU itself and BuddyPress have been probably the most helpful to me so far.Just being there has saved me probably more years of stress.

    Ten years ago I came up with an idea for a network of sites that I wanted to do. I was in my teens and was dreaming way above my abilities. When I looked around at what was available for scripts and tools, I simply laughed off the idea and forgot about it. A couple of years later I started this thing where I would scour the internet every six months or so, to see if I could achieve what I wanted to do, but I rarely had any hope. When I did, I would try to set it up and then just decide that it was too much for me.

    A year and a half or so ago, I decided it was time. My life was in ruins, depression was overtaking me, and I had to try to come up with a way to pay off my student loans, someday. I crawled every single Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress plugin available to see if I could build the sites that I wanted to build. By hand, I tested out every single plugin that I wanted to try. I finally decided that Drupal and Joomla needed more time with their current builds, since the plugins had not caught up to the release of their new versions yet. WordPress though… WordPress was looking good. It still needed a couple of plugins to give me support for some things that I really wanted to do, but it was so close I could taste it.

    So for about a year, I ended up just pushing everything aside and saying to myself that I needed to let the plugin lists grow a bit, to see if things would end up where I wanted them to. I quietly sat there, keeping tabs, just waiting. Earlier this year, things started to fall into place and I started crawling both Drupal and WordPress, just to make sure. Eventually I knew it was WordPress and I managed to cut it down to under 100 plugins that I wanted, with pretty much the ability to do everything that I needed for my sites. I was very happy.

    Then… While awaiting WordPress 2.8, I discovered WPMU. How I had missed it, I don’t know. Its abilities, plus BuddyPress combined to eliminate quite a few plugins, plus offer features I never thought possible. I didn’t have a need for most of the WPMU plugins, but some just seemed like saviors to my cause. The Domain Mapping one, for example, will probably be among the best I use.

    I still don’t have the money to launch anything, but I am so close I can taste it. Last week, I crawled Drupal again, over 3,000 plugins. With all the knowledge of what I could do in WordPress, I laughed off the thought of ever using Drupal for my needs and now I am just sitting here, tweaking a single test site, seeing what I can do. When I get past that, I will be trying to map two sites on MU and testing out plugins to see what I can do.

    Thanks to the MU forums and help at WPMU Dev, I had all my questions answered and I can tell you that this is going to end up saving my life. I can feel the depression slowly fading and when I end up with the money to launch, it will be one of the greatest days of my life. My specialty will always be delivering content to help people and to teach… These sites will help me do that and more. I just have to get over that hill and I know that MU will allow me to do that. Thank you guys, for you work.

    I know that you are supposed to write at your own blog or forum, but I have nothing active. Please allow me to just add it here. :)

  4. Thanks for all the nice comments & feedback guys :)

    I should clarify – can you make sure to both link to this post and the plugins / themes you use on WPMU DEV Premium… if you can do that, you’re in!

    Doing so from Twitter / Facebook etc. is fine too.

  5. Is this only open for existing members (i.e. those that already used premium plugins/support?) I think your services are great and I am currently gathering the funds to buy a subscription hopefully sometime in the near future.

  6. This is awesome! Is there a deadline for this contest? I’m still collating some of the info from my developers and should churn out a post or something for it. Thanks for including everyone! I’m been thinking of getting a premium membership for quite a while and it’s great you’re offering it in a contest.. now, back to work :)

  7. By the end of the month if possible… as that’s when we’ll be releasing number 100!

    However, we might extend entries a little so people can try the new stuff out and let the world know how they like them :)

  8. You guys have some really cool plugins but my favourite is the supporter plugin. I was talking it over witha friend and he wants to start a fun club with paid membership and he is really interested in using your supporter plugin to power the site’s membership.I dont have a premium membership and neither does he but we working on how to get one.Nway you guys rock!!

  9. I’m in startup modus.. so no blog yet.
    I’ll start with the one month membership soon. I saw some great stuff on dev premium.

  10. I would love to afford the Customized Admin Menu plugin for MU, the Sitewide Search, Blogs Directory, avatar plugin and customized sign up so my new users can finally pick their own password. Thanks so much. I hope this is good enough to be entered into the contest for the add on giveaway. You guys are great!