CoursePress – Create and Sell Awesome Courses in WordPress for Free!

Have you ever thought about delivering online courses through WordPress? I know I have, a heap, and until now that’s been a hell of a difficult experience going through rubbish (and often expensive) plugins. But no longer…

CoursePress allows you to easily create, manage and sell beautiful courses from right in WordPress, and best of all it’s completely free – check it out:

First up, CoursePress comes with pretty much every element you could imagine needing to construct a course – ranging from video, audio and downloads to interactive elements like multiple choice, uploads, long form answers, forum style discussions and even live chat integration right there in your course (for live seminars or students just to hang out).

Every element you could want for a great course
Every element you could want for a great course

Then we’ve made it really really simple to setup an absolutely beautiful course, both in terms of the UX and the front end output.

When you activate the plugin you are guided through a helpful getting started experience that’ll have your first course set up in minutes, and then once you’ve got it together you can either choose to use the bundled theme for a beautiful course off the bat – or enjoy the fact that, like all WPMU DEV plugins, this works really well with pretty much any WordPress theme.

The bundled theme gives you great looking courses
The bundled theme gives you great looking courses

And here’s the absolute clincher, you can actually sell courses and take credit card or PayPal payments… and you don’t even have to upgrade to be able to do it – CoursePress comes bundled with our ecommerce solution MarketPress that handles all of that for you seamlessly.

Which, along with full manual (and automated!) student assessment features means that you can sell and provide certification for courses online with absolute ease, through WordPress, at no cost to you. How cool is that :)

Grading, marking and assessment tools mean you can easily offer certification
Grading, marking and assessment tools mean you can easily offer certification

Of course, there is a paid upgrade that allows you to create more courses and access more payment gateways, not to mention 400+ other premium plugins, themes, videos and our famous 24/7/365 support.

But realistically you should be absolutely fine with the free version of CoursePress to get your elearning project off the ground.

Download CoursePress at for free now!

Comments (47)

  1. James. Dude. This is probably the best I’ve seen come out of wpmudev in a while. Super impressed. A tool like this will empower me to fund a year-long membership w you guys. Thanks so much for staying creative and redefining the WordPress landscape.

  2. Just a comment on your videos…I like fast and to-the-point but your videos transition too fast. I find myself having to pause each frame to digest what’s there. I Love WPMUDEV so no worries! Just a critique.

  3. I have been using some course ware that we designed in-house in which students post “Student Submissions” in fulfillment of the requirements of an assignment. These Student Submissions are WordPress custom post types that are linked via custom taxonomy to the individual course and assignment. Those Student Submissions are viewable for discussion/commenting by all students who are registered for that particular course – but no-one else except the course instructor. Is that something that could be done through CoursePress? If so, I’m in! I really like what I see in the admin interface.

        • Absolutely, but you’ll have to get them to submit in one of two ways.

          a. They can submit via (or as well as) class discussions – that way students get to see each others work (they can grade it too in an ad hoc way too)

          b. You can make certain students instructors… or provide a generic instructional account they can use

          So there’s definitely ways you can achieve this :)

  4. I really don’t think this PLUG IN is ready yet :-(

    HOME »

    And the Menu’s keep repeating.

    All this on a clean WP install.

  5. This looks a pretty awesome plugin for my needs and I am really interested in the monthly membership offer as there are a few other plug-ins I could use.

    I have a wealth of training I am looking to offer and this looks like it is the right vehicle to do it from.

    I have set-up my first training course, but the whole site looks a bit ugly and is coming up with errors.

    Is there any training available for the free plugin and also a demo site so you can see the possibilities?

    Also, can you get help from your support group for the free version?

    I would like to get my first course looking right before committing to the pro version.

  6. Sound interesting and i will defo give this plug in a go. Just want to ask. I am about to set up site for online courses but with idea of involving other instructors to became teachers on it. Is your pro version support that?


    • You could let instructors run their own courses on your single site.

      If you want them to sell the courses and take the cash themselves then you could consider a multisite setup, each instructor gets their own site.

      You could keep the same theme for all so it’s all uniformed and looking like:

      You could even use our New Blog Template to create some defaults for them:

      This way you could also take a commission for all sales through our MarketPress plugin (included with CoursePress) or you could use our Pro Sites plugin and charge them a subscription to sell their courses and get premium features using our Pro Sites plugin:

      Any questions on this then please feel free to contact our sales guys here:

      They will be able to give you all the information you need. :)

      Take care.