Create a Child Theme for WordPress in One Click

Child Themes are a must with the latest versions of WordPress. They help you to keep your customizations in a safe place so that you are always in a position to update the parent theme for your site. There are times when updating your theme will be critical due to changes in the WordPress core. If you’re new to child themes, then you need to read our manual explaining parent and child themes.

One-Click Child Theme is a new plugin that will help you ease into child themes. Perhaps you don’t know how to create the CSS file or don’t want want the hassle of using FTP to upload a new folder with your child theme files. The One-Click Child Theme will automatically set this up for you. It adds a Theme option to any active theme allowing you to make a child theme with one click.

Here’s how it works. Install the plugin and you will get a new option for creating a child theme:

Click on child theme to automatically create a child theme of the currently active theme on your site. Give your theme a name and description:

Now you have your very own child theme without having to touch FTP!

So simple, isn’t it? Many WordPress users have created their sites via their host’s one-click WordPress install option. In this case, some users may not be familiar with FTP or the file structure of child themes. This plugin makes it easy for the average WordPress user to have a child theme with its own CSS that will never be overwritten. Download One-Click Child Theme for free from the WordPress plugin repository.

Comments (8)

  1. Nice simple plugin that delivers a massive piece of functionality to overcome the hurdle of how to create child themes. Thanks Sarah for the article, will be very helpful to those who want to create their own themes but are new to the concept. :)

  2. Whoah this plugin worked perfectly for me. I really was having a hard time figuring out how to create a child theme for suffusion (a necessary step if you want to use suffusion on buddypress). Thanks for another great tip.