Create, Manage, and Charge for Events with the Events + Plugin

Your organization puts on events and you need a way to create, manage, and display those events for maximum exposure. You need a place to collect RSVP’s, spread the word about your events through social networking channels, maybe even charge for those events and collect payments online – not just at the event. We’ll, we’ve got you covered – with the Events + plugin.

Events + is a fantastic plugin for anyone putting on webinars who wants a more thorough registration screen than what the webinar software companies provide. It’s a great plugin for nonprofits which want to request donations online for people attending events in-person. It’s perfect for nearly any situation where you need to create and display events inside your WordPress powered website. With it, you can take event registrations, manage and track attendees, even export lists of those registrations.

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to install the Events + plugin, configure the settings, and we’ll walk through some of the more powerful features like the templating system, ways to extend the plugin, and, of course, how to link it all with your PayPal account for taking payment.

The tutorial movie is nearly 40 minutes long and each step builds on the one before it, but if you want to return to a specific point, you can find chapter listings below the movie. Clicking on any heading will bring you directly to that point in the movie in a new YouTube window.

The video was recorded in HD, so remember to to click the little cog wheel icon and set the highest resolution possible for your screen.


Chapter Time
Installing the Events + Plugin 1:58
Events + Settings 2:23
Appearance Settings 4:56
Adding New Event 7:23
Viewing the Event Page 11:22
Adding Google Maps 12:10
RSVP Functionality 13:06
Changing Event Templates 14:04
Adding an Events Calendar 19:52
Adding Social Login 22:19
Adding Event Fees 28:54
Paying with PayPal 30:39
Extending Events + 33:47

Comments (4)

    • Adewale,

      Thanks for the comment. To answer your question simply: yes. There are several ways to do something like that.
      One – if you use multisite with BuddyPress – Events Plus integrates with the group functionality, which means you can display your group events in that system. It’s a very nice feature.

      two – you can add the custom plugins that come with Events+, particularly the front page editing shortcode, which allows events to be added from the front-end. Combine that with the capabilities plugin functionality and you can control user access and priviliges – as to who can post events, etc.

      but perhaps, an interesting solution might be to integrate it with a form plugin like gravity forms, which allows people to add content / posts from a front-end form. You could combine that with this plugin, and have the ability to charge people to create events on your site. Since events + uses the custom post type and custom fields, they are all accessible from that view.

      Hope that helps.
      Good luck!