Curate and Create Stories with the Storify Plugin for WordPress

If you aren’t familiar with it, Storify is a popular web publishing / blogging platform that lets you easily curate bits of content from a number of social media sites and then easily arrange them as you like, giving them context and/or perspective.

They have recently announced a plugin that allows you to create Storify stories in your WordPress site and then embed them into your blog.

The Storify WordPress Plugin

Once installed and activated, you will see buttons for Storify in a number of places: on the admin menu in the backend, on a pull-down menu from the top menu, and on the visual editor. The button on the visual editor will allow you insert previously made stories. The other buttons will allow you to create your stories.

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How the Storify Plugin Works

It’s important to note that whatever stories you create through the plugin will still be hosted on Storify. You are simply embedding your stories from your Storify account onto your WordPress blog. You will, however, still see the raw HTML of the stories appear on your site as long as you have them embedded.

Before creating a story, you will need to register at Once registered, you will have access to your account through the plugin. Once this is done, you will not need to visit the Storify site again if you don’t want to.

The Storify Editor

The Storify editor is pretty intuitive. The right side is for searching different social media sites. The left side is where your content goes: write your own text, drag content, and re-arrange everything in the order you like.

Publishing Your Story to Your Blog

When you hit “Publish” in the WordPress plugin, it’s important to know that your story is not yet published on your site. Hitting “Publish” publishes your story on However, it also makes it available for you to easily embed through the Storify button on your visual editor.

You will need to create a new post as you normally would, and then embed the story via the Storify button.

The Result

And here’s a quick example.

More Information

You can see more of the story behind Storify with the founders in this video from Robert Scoble.

Get the plugin here.

Register for Storify here.

Comments (8)

  1. How do you see this plugin for someone who is wanting to build a heavily curated site on a topic and using Storify? Do you see it as a potential flaw since the data is stored on Storify’s servers and not the blogger’s site?

    • If you can link from the story back you your website, then this could be used as a secondary site to build trust and links. Depends on how SEO you can make the story as well. If there are options for title and description meta.. then this will work. Like Joseph says.. this is like Youtube. Youtube is about proliferation and influence. Not is you can hook into advertising on your stories and profit from it.. even better.

  2. Christina – That is the one aspect of it that makes it somewhat less attractive. Storify makes it very easy to do this type of curating, but you may be able to do your own version with a number of different plugins put together. It wouldn’t be as easy or as extensive as Storify’s set up, but you could probably do it. … I see Storify as something like YouTube – it’s much easier putting a video up on YouTube and then embedding it (or embedding others videos) than it is putting up videos on your site only.

    • It is something of drawback possibly, but you can also add your own content to your post that isn’t on the Storify site. Also, of course, if your site is targeted, you are likely to get more juice from it than Storify. And finally, this is content that’s already out on the web in the first place. It’s really about doing something for your visitors. That, in turn, can lead to a better reputation and more buzz for your site.