A Better Way to Search the WordPress Plugin Repository

The WordPress plugin repository is full of broken plugins and duplication, making it quite frustrating at times to find the plugin you need. Want a better way to search for WordPress plugins? Check out searchwpplugins.com.

SearchWPplugins is a better way to search:

SearchWPplugins enables you to enter many more relevant search parameters than the regular WordPress repository search form.

In this sample search I am returning plugins with “twitter” as a keyword, with a minimum 4-star rating, a minimum of 50 reviews, a minimum of 20000 downloads, last updated no later than 02/07/2012, and excluding old and broken plugins.

Finding the best WordPress plugins isn’t easy unless you know what you’re looking for. However, with SearchWPplugins, you’re able to get a list of the top-rated, most widely-used plugins without spending an hour looking. Make sure to bookmark SearchWPplugins for the next time you’re on the hunt for plugins.

Comments (7)

  1. Hey Sarah thanks for posting this. Glad the site is useful. :)

    A couple of points that may help people using the search.
    1. Decimal places work in the rating search, e.g. 4.55 &
    2. To search on multiple tags separate them with a comma.

      • Hello Ovidiu,

        The comma trick only works on the tags field.

        You can use boolean mode on the Title and Keywords fields.

        “Title” searches the title and slug fields.
        “Keywords” searches a whole range of fields including title, slug, description & tags.

        A boolean search of: ” +asynchronous +google +analytics ” without the quotes on the keywords field with a last updated date of 10/01/2011 returned 5 plugins.

        For more info on boolean searching and a brief video feature overview check the about page.