A Maintenance Mode Plugin for WordPress Multisite

Most maintenance plugins don’t work smoothly with WordPress multisite networks, but I found one that I’d like to recommend. WPMS Site Maintenance Mode was actually made just for multisite. It allows the super admin to put the entire network, main site, or subsites into maintenance mode. There’s also an option to customize the appearance of the maintenance page and set a time for the site to return.

Check out the settings page:

Once you turn it on you’ll get something like this:

I tested WPMS Site Maintenance Mode this weekend and I’d recommend this WordPress multisite plugin to any network admin who needs a quick way to bring the stie(s) down for a few updates. Download it for free from the WordPress plugin repository.

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      • lol, yeah, I still use a few very old plugins, I mean as long as they still work…
        amazing how long some silly little plugins can be used :-)

        a pity he disappeared, his page disappeared, gone for years.

        you know I really wonder sometimes, I mean there are a few names that simply disappeared over the years, they just fade away…

        hey, here is a little quizz, lets see how many of these guys you remember:

        IT Damager
        Andrew Billits
        Luke from thunderlounge.com

        haven’t heard or seen their names in quite a while…

        btw. I just realized I stil use 3 of IT Damager’s plugins, incredible. sorry for getting sentimental here BUT there is an upside to this: the dude who revamped this plugin mentioned IT Damager as the original author. Nice to see that.

  1. Does this plug-in allow an admin or a pre-defined IP to test out the site (front-end), while the maintenance screen is shown to other users? I need to update a high profile multisite with 50 blogs from WPMU 1.2.4 til WP3.2.1, and I need to test it good before letting the updated version live.

    • I have a similar question to Mikkel – I need to replace several old Joomla sites with a modern WPMU network, It’s a huge site and will take months – I need to do it behind closed doors.