Add a W3 Total Cache Flush Button to All WordPress Admin Pages

If you’re a fan of the popular W3 Total Cache plugin, then you probably find yourself clicking that “Empty All Caches” button quite a bit when making updates to your WordPress site.

Admin Flush W3TC Cache is a new, simple plugin that adds an “Empty All Caches” button to every page in the WordPress admin.

Clicking the link clears all caches and returns you to the current page. The idea is to eliminate a few extra clicks needed to go to the Performance options. Instead you can just clear the cache from wherever you are. Download Admin Flush W3TC Cache for free from the WordPress plugin repository.


Comments (3)

  1. Yes, you can find the flush link on the admin bar but many of us don’t use it in the admin area :) However, what I was looking for is a solution to flush my cache every 24 hours. Does anybody know how could I do this? Or is there any plugin for that?