Add Drag and Drop Image Uploading to WordPress

Here’s a tip that applies to WordPress users across the board – from casual bloggers to power publishers with dozens of posts per day. The Magn WP Drag and Drop Upload gives you the ability to automagically upload your images to WordPress posts, using HTML5 and an drag and drop upload script. It’s based on the Ajax Upload plugin developed by Valums.

Check out the drag and drop upload in action:

After an image has been uploaded a bottom meta box displays the uploaded images and some basic options to decide what to do once you’ve dropped the file in the green area:

Please note that this plugin will only work on modern web browsers, as it takes advantage of HTML5 Drag and Drop support. Right now it only works for WordPress posts, but a wishlist of additional features is currently in development, including changing file names on the fly, SEO features and integration with CDN plugins.

This is an excellent addition for any WordPress blogger looking to save a little time in the dashboard every day. Download Magn WP Drag and Drop Upload for free from the WordPress plugin repository.

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      • Looks like this doesn’t work on a networked set of sites.

        I tried on a network by doing network activation and also activating in a single domain. While the drag and drop appeared to work, the post was never published. Once deactivated then the post could publish.

        Maybe someone else can confirm.

      • Hi Sarah, i love your plugin.

        I get the following error, under my DRAG and DROP option in my post. Could you help? I followed your You tube vid, but still the same.

        Fatal error: Call to undefined function dndmedia_edit_form_advanced_ui() in C:\wamp\www\kyocera\wp-content\plugins\dndupload\dndupload.php on line 92
        Call Stack
        # Time Memory Function Location
        1 0.0413 692808 {main}( ) ..\post-new.php:0
        2 0.3583 31270760 include( ‘C:\wamp\www\kyocera\wp-admin\edit-form-advanced.php’ ) ..\post-new.php:41
        3 0.4412 31879080 do_action( ) ..\edit-form-advanced.php:296
        4 0.4412 31880672 call_user_func_array ( ) ..\plugin.php:405
        5 0.4412 31880704 dndmedia_edit_form_advanced( ) ..\plugin.php:0

  1. Thanks for the great tip – I’m in the process of diving deeper into WordPress. Do you have a good book or course you can recommend for learning about customizing WP appearance with custom CSS or just learning more of the technicalities of WP?