Asynchronous Google Analytics Now Available for WordPress Multisite

There’s a new Google Analtyics plugin in town for site admins operating WordPress Multisite installations. Google Analytics Multisite Async allows the super admin to collect statistics from all sites across the network and it lets the regular site admins collect statistics from their own site. Simply enter a Google Analytics ID for the network itself and the network domain and it will start tracking.

For more information about setting up Google Analytics for one domain with multiple subdomains, check out the detailed instructions on the plugin’s homepage.

Comments (4)

  1. There are a host of issues with this plugin, namely the master analytics account, as shown in your screenshot, enters the UA code in the “Network Google Analytics ID” field and the “Google Analytics ID” field. This results in traffic being double counted, bounce rates being way too high, and time on site being way too low. Furthermore, once I corrected the plugin to not use the same UA code twice, the traffic dropped and metrics rebounded, however I noticed that the other sites that continued to have two unique UA codes have also experienced a sharp drop in traffic. So far I’m not impressed. Does anyone know of an actual working Analytics plugin for multi-site? Specifically for a sub directory implementation?