Automatically Expire WordPress Posts with the New Content Scheduler

Have you ever wanted to automatically expire a post without having to remember to log in and do it manually? The Content Scheduler plugin lets you do just that.

Options for Expiration Include:

  • Change status to Pending, Draft, or Private
  • Unstick Posts
  • Change Categories
  • Move to the Trash

The Content Scheduler is especially useful if you’re running a Christmas or New Year’s special for your business wherein you want the post linking to it to expire at a certain set time. Schedule the expiration and sit back and enjoy your holiday.

Comments (6)

  1. Would this plugin work to have multiple layers of content being replaced as one expires? Ie. a homepage needs to have a weekly blurb that is scheduled to change based on date. They don’t want to have to be doing it every week, so ideally something that could replace content block a with b, then b with c, or set up expired content?

    Any thoughts are much appreciated!

  2. What we need is also the ability to schedule the BEGIN date/time for a post to appear… actually want this for a custom post type that controls sliders on the homepage…

    I would like to setup a slider and set both the begin and end date/time…

    Anyone know of a way to do this?

    • You can already do this. Just edit the publish date to a future date. WordPress is smart enough to know that this is a scheduled post if the date is set in the future. You can even see the update/publish button change to schedule