Bulk-Select Featured Images in WordPress

When setting the featured image for a post, you usually have to go into each post’s edit screen. Bulk-Select Featured Image is a very useful new plugin that can save you a good number of clicks in this process. It adds an “Use as Featured Image” action to the Media Library.

This can be very useful if you need to set the post thumbnail / featured image for a lot of posts all at once. For example, if you change to a new theme and need to quickly select a bunch of featured images, this plugin will save you quite a bit of time. Download the Bulk-Select Featured Image plugin from the WordPress plugin repository.

Comments (1)

  1. So I installed this and even after reviewing the official repository entry again I’m puzzled.

    I need something to assign a featured image to my first year’s worth of posts. My newer posts have correct featured images. There is nothing in the documentation or in the plugin’s link itself that says if I click that “use as featured image” link from media editor, whether it will apply to ALL my posts or if there is another dialog.

    There’s no way I want to accidently blow away the correct feature images of months and months of posts just to find out what happens when I click the link. Sadly there’s no clarification anywhere of how this can be used to only apply to specific selected posts.