Download the New BuddyPress Profile Privacy Plugin

This past week I posted a quick tutorial for how to add some basic privacy to BuddyPress profile data, based on some code I came across in the forums. I was excited to find that plugin developer modemlooper turned this idea into a quick plugin! He added in the option for each individual user to select if they would like their profile hidden from non-friends or public by default.

BuddyPress Profile Privacy is available from the WordPress plugin repository. Please note that you will need to make an edit to your members/single/profile.php file, found in your theme, in order for the plugin to work. If you need some basic profile privacy, this plugin is currently your best option. modemlooper plans to add in some more controls in the future. I’m glad to see some form of privacy getting attention in the BuddyPress community. Privacy controls are tentatively on the BuddyPress roadmap, but in the meantime you can use and/or modify this plugin to get the basics.


Comments (15)

  1. Good work, thanks to modemlooper!

    There is a ticket with code in the BP trac at the moment for a core module with detailed privacy options Form BuddyPress. Maybe it is better for upwards compatibility to turn this a plugin instead of making a new one?

  2. I’ve got to admit, I thought modemloopers great addition should have been in the core. it’s absolutely essential. Glad to see the core recognises this, and that this can be adapted. Another win for buddy press. Nice writeup Sarah.

    I’m REALLY hanging out for the activity stream to allow for private posting (I’m using the awesome bookmarks plugin, and sometimes it would be nice to post myself weblinks and notes that are private). Sometimes my friends just don’t need to see my stuff.

  3. According to the WordPress repository, this plugin is no longer being supported by the author. Anyone know of a better privacy plugin? Seems all the ones out there either no longer work, or are no longer being supported… makes me nervous.