Dropbox CDN Plugin Hits the WordPress Repository

Did you know that you can use the Dropbox service as a free Content Delivery Network (or CDN) for your WordPress files? There are several tutorials floating around out there about how to do it. Now you can grab a free plugin from the WordPress repository that will automatically set it up for you. Dropbox CDN allows you to upload your theme’s CSS, JavaScript, and images into your Dropbox ‘Public’ folder and server these files from the Dropbox network, reducing the bandwidth of your server and allowing users to load your site faster. All you need is a free Dropbox account and the Dropbox CDN plugin.

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Comments (6)

  1. Dropbox already has a fantastic service at the free level. To hear how it might serve our WordPress needs more efficiently is even better.

    Have you got anything tangible that points to the assertion that users will be able to load a WP site faster by using the Dropbox CDN plugin?

    This sounds like a very exciting development.

  2. I did some testing using GTmetrix and found that overall site score went down when I was using DropBox as a CDN for theme images and CSS and load times for those individual item was generally higher (some took twice as long to load). I hope someone runs some benchmarking on DropBox and perhaps comparing it with amazon’s CDN offering.