Get Site Performance Stats Inside Your WordPress Dashboard

Having a little trouble with your site’s speed? The Site Performance plugin allows you to get a glimpse of how your WordPress site is doing and where it might be slowing down. There’s no need to insert any code – simply install the plugin and start browsing your pages.

The Site Performance plugin measures three major aspects of how your site is performing:

  1. Queries:
  2. Memory:
  3. Load Time:

It may be a bad plugin or a misconfiguration that’s causing your site to come to a crawl. These graphs should give you a fairly general idea about which pages are slowing you down or eating up all of your memory. Download the Site Performance plugin from the WordPress repository to start getting a peek at how your site is doing behind the scenes.

Comments (7)

  1. This plugin (Site Performance) has a bug in its code, that generates js and outputs it on options page (where the graphs are displayed) (drawChart() function to be exact).

    Not good, that not tested plugin was reviewed :(

  2. This should come in handy when you don’t have full access to the server logs or just want to quickly identify a problem. Definitely like Sarah said, use and deactivate. Probably don’t need it on all the time.