Get Stats for BuddyPress Components Usage

Getting information about how your BuddyPress users are interacting with the community can be very useful in relationship to your development goals. It’s also especially important if you’re trying to strategize ways to monetize your BuddyPress site.

BuddyPress Component Stats is a new plugin that can help you start collecting some valuable information. It gathers statistics about the users who interact on your social network and classifies them according to the main components of Buddypress (Forums, Groups, Blogs, Activity, Friends, etc.).

You can also conveniently export the records found to PDF and XLS formats for use within other applications.

Add the BuddyPress Component Stats plugin to your community by grabbing it from the WordPress plugin directory.


Comments (3)

  1. Wow, I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long, long time. I think this should be part of BuddyPress’ core functionality, and it should have an opt-in to send stats to

    Collecting this type of data from sites around the globe could mean a lot to the BP core developers.

  2. Nice,

    waiting for somthing of strong liek connect this information to google analytics or somthing like that :).

    I have a question to the developer of the pluging, how about optimisation and influence on excution time.

    Thanks for sharing.