Go from 30 Views to 22,000 with this Simple Action

According to a report from the 2011 B2B Marketing Summit, one of the speakers, Jay Baer, told a story of a simple little action that increased the views of one of his presentations from 30 to 22,000.

The trick?

He simply put the presentation up on Slideshare.  When he had it on his own site, it received 30 views. When he put it on SlideShare, 22,000 discovered it.

The moral of the story is pretty clear: pollinate the web with your content. But don’t forget to make sure people know where it came from. They may not be on your site (yet), but you can still pull them in with your content.


Photo: 3d graph showing rise in profits or earnings / vector illustration from BigStock

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  1. Good idea, as a designer I don’t produce much in the way of ‘content’ as such but I count my work as something to share. I post it on some of the more well known art communities out there with a link back to my site which proves to be quite good in getting visitors. I would definitely recommend this technique to people who have content to share.

    – Steven Noble
    Graphics Cove

  2. Looks interesting, but I don’t understand the ‘unlimited uploads’ part with ’10 Videos monthly’ attached to it later. Does that mean that only 10 vids can be shared publicly with a pro account, and none with a free account? If so, what’s the point of a free account?

    Anyone using this that knows?


  3. Hi Joe,

    Thanks, but what I was referring to is what the video number indicates. Does that mean that only 10 videos can be shared per month?

    Their pricing table doesn’t really make things very clear. The ‘free’ version seems to indicate no videos, the next one up shows 10….and so on. But it doesn’t indicate what that even means.

    I’m not seeing anything that really explains it. Hence my question ; )


    ~ Corey

    • Yeah, my guess would be 10 videos uploaded monthly, but you’re right, it’s not completely clear. If you had 10 one month could you have 10 more the second month or a total of 20? And if you stopped your pro account, would those disappear? … All things to be asked about I guess.

      Anyway, it’s nice that they have a free version for docs and presentations. I found the story above about Jay Baer a real eye-opener. I didn’t realize these doc sharing sites could drive that many views (and of course they can drive a lot more than that). I’m definitely going to test some out. … But I think it’s important to also do the docs right. (This is something I’ve been researching and will be doing a post on in the future.)

  4. I’ve got the almost exact same number from uploading a mind map. As of today, it has been viewed 21,414 times and downloaded 503 times since February 28th, 2010, which is quite remarkable to me, considering the mind map is about how musicians might want to use mind mapping.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t put a special tracking link into the mind map file itself or the description field on the XMind.net site.

    Well, maybe next time I’ll remember… ;-)