How to Create a Static Front Page for WordPress

In case you’re new to using WordPress, this is one of the most basic and essential things you can know for creating your website. If you don’t want to show blog posts on the front page and would rather display a static front page, you can do this easily through the WordPress dashboard. It does not require the addition of any extra files or template editing.

Simply create a page through Dashboard >> Pages and publish the page.

If you need WordPress’ blogging functionality but want to show it on another page then add another page. Give it a title and leave it blank. If you don’t need WordPress’ blogging functionality, then you can skip that part.

Last step is to go to Administration > Settings > Reading and select your static page and a page for your posts. Click save and you’re done!

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Comments (2)

  1. I am having a problem enabling both
    a) the WPMU Membership Plugin and
    b) a static front page (aka a splash page)

    I have Googled all around and cannot find an answer.

    Basically, I want to present all users a splash page as the main “home” page. Meaning, they come to my site and I give them some “About my site” informational page.

    I want people to have to register to get access, and I use the WPMU Membership plugin to do this.

    However, when I enable the static front page by going to Settings/Reading and clicking “use a static page” from that point on anyone who is not logged in gets an “access-denied” page, instead of the “About” page. I have enabled one “Free” level, and chosen that under the Membership plugin settings to be the defaul level for anonymous users. I have also gone to “edit levels” and chosen the “About” page to be allowed for “Free” users.

    Still, it does not work.

    Is this a bug, or is there a workaround?

    -= The Space Cowboy =-