How to Exclude WordPress Pages from the Navigation Bar

Want to create WordPress pages that don’t show in the navigation bar? Maybe you’re creating a membership site or just want to limit the amount of pages in your menu bar. Here’s how you do it…

First, you’ll need the FREE WordPress plugin called “Exclude Pages.” Once you install and activate that plugin, you’ll find a small check box in your WordPress admin area, like this:

As you can see, including or excluding a page on your WordPress site is as easy as checking or unchecking the “Exclude Pages” checkbox. You can always go back and edit the page to show up in your menu later. Try it out!


Seth C

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  1. This plugin was great in the days before the new WordPress menu system, when navigation was printed by listing the WordPress pages. As such, it only acts upon the template tag wp_list_pages. Sites using the new menus for their main navigation will not see this plugin have any affect on what appears or does not appear in the navigation. Those sites have complete control over their navigation under Appearance > Menus and can choose to include or exclude any pages, categories, external links, etc. by dragging and dropping them into the menu.

  2. Using wp_list_pages for “navigation” is neither old nor would ever be deprecated. For high-content, hierarchicalyl paged sites, using the standard wp_list_pages alongside this plug-in is extremely helpful and makes the most sense. Then we use custom menus simply for any specialized top-level or footer navigation. Otherwise, we’d be doubling our work: Add page, add custom menu item. Rinse, repeat. No thanks.