How to Set BuddyPress Profiles as the Hompepage for Logged In Users

Do you want your users to be immediately directed to their profile page upon logging in? BP Profile as Homepage will help you do just that. Users who are not logged in will see your regular homepage. After a user has logged in, he will see his profile. Upon logging out, the user will be redirected to the site’s homepage. This plugin works with WordPress 3.0, BuddyPress 1.2.5+ and is Multisite compatible. One thing to note is that the home button will redirect to the user’s profile every time with this plugin. If you don’t like how that works, you can grab Brajesh Singh’s BP Redirect to Profile plugin which will only redirect upon logging in.

Comments (4)

  1. Please fix the tabbing on the comment form. It’s not in order.

    Thanks for the find. Rather torn on this actually. I know when I have to log in, I would rather be sent back to where I come from. I know on my old hometown newspaper website, after log in, you get dropped to your profile. Then you have to hit backspace a bunch of times and then refresh to wind up back where you were to leave a comment.

  2. when a non logged in user tries to see his own messages or other features on profile that require log in, he will be redirected to homepage or in my case will get an error.
    is there a way to redirect him to login page?

  3. thanks for your answer.
    i am not using the above plugins. it’s a problem i have.
    let’s say i am not logged in to the website. and i get an email with a message from one of my friends. when i click the link in the email im supposed to see this:

    but because i am not logged in i’m supposed to be redirected to homepage.
    in my case i get an ‘oops’ chrome browser page.
    is there a way to redirect a not logged in user to the login page when he tries to reach restricted areas of his profile?