Keep Yourself Organized With Dashboard Post-It Notes

Working with a lot of different WordPress sites? Need to remember specific things for each one? Try the Dashboard Post-It plugin to leave yourself a note. This plugin helps you to keep yourself organized as well other authors on the blog. Increase productivity, remind authors of special instructions to keep things running smoothly, and cut down on emails back and forth.

Adds a simple ‘Post-it’ widget to the Dashboard that allows you to leave yourself or other authors a note. The plugin can be configured and moved around as any other Dashboard widget. It will accept plain text or (sanitized) HTML. Only users with the capability “Edit dashboard” can edit the note.

» Download Dashboard Post-It


Comments (2)

  1. I use Peter’s Post notes and Peter’s collaboration emails on my WPMU site where there’s a couple of blog authors and contributors. When the contributor submits a post for “review” the category administrator (author) is notified via email about a new blog post and they can then add notes to the blog post and on the dashboard, etc.