New Geo Location Plugin Coming to BuddyPress

A new geo location plugin is coming to BuddyPress in early November. It’s called gLocate and it will give BuddyPress site owners the ability to create an enhanced social community with member mapping capabilities across profiles, groups and site-wide maps. This will be a BuddyPress maps plugin integrating the Googles map API v3 capabilities of geo tagging.

Follow gLocate on Twitter (@glocateme) for all the latest updates on the plugin.

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  1. Thanks for the post. We are very excited to be releasing this and we are on target to deliver it before mid November.

    The plugin will use geolocation compatability in web browsers to geotag a new or existing members location. This is then displayed on members profile maps, group maps and site-wide members maps with a deal of flexibilty on sizing, cusom markers incons, lcoation finders and essentially your users choice to not show a map at all.

    We are also setting up a demo site so you can see what it does.

  2. I am VERY excited about this plugin! The members of the non-profit organization that I’m a part of doesn’t really have a grasp on where its membership is. This plugin will give us a visual map, and guide us on where we should host events. It will also help members of groups decide which city to hold their meetings in. Excellent!