Remove Unwanted Plugins From Your WordPress Site

Have you ever deleted the “Hello Dolly” and “Akismet” plugins only to find them return when you upgrade the WordPress core? The Unwanted Plugins Remover helps you to keep your site lean and will remove Akismet and Hello Dolly upon each core upgrade. You can also extend the list of plugins removed by using a filter named unwanted_plugins_list.

Your upgrade process will look something like this:

Just a word of caution when you’re using WordPress Multisite: If all your sites/blogs don’t want the plugins you’re removing then it will work fine, but if not you may have a problem.

Download Unwanted Plugins Remover for free from the WordPress repository.

Comments (11)

  1. Seems like a waste to me to download AND activate one plugin just to delete two plugins that aren’t even activated. Not like updates come that often or its that hard to manually delete them.

  2. @James
    Sure, it’s a little bit crazy, but for some people it’s really annoying, so I have created this plugin.
    I understand the situation ‘one plugin to delete two plugins”, but if you want the function you can simply copy the function from the PHP file and just paste it in your themes function.php. It works too.