Share Posts Across a WordPress Multisite Network

WordPress Multisite admins are often looking to share content across sites throughout the network. There’s a reason all of these sites are connected and oftentimes it is to share more than just the WordPress core and plugins. Network Shared Posts is a new WordPress multisite plugin that will enable admins to share posts via an easy-to-use shortcode. You can add the blog IDs for the sites you want to include, as well as specify the categories, tags, number of posts, thumbnail images size, and more.

There’s a full list of available shortcode attributes on the plugin’s FAQ page.

Here’s an example shortcode:

[netsposts include_blog='1,2,5' days='30' taxonomy='news' titles_only=false show_author=true thumbnail=true size='90,90' image_class='alignleft' auto_excerpt=true excerpt_length=500 show_author=true paginate=true list=5]

The Network Shared Posts plugin is excellent for multi-level networks that contain a great deal of related content. For example, you might add it to your network if you have a ‘state’ site that includes its own posts and then aggregates posts from ‘city’ level sites. So an example site can collect posts from and for displaying on the main site, with a mix of categories and tags to create a custom display.

Download Network Shared Posts from the WordPress plugin repository to start sharing content across sites within your multisite network.