Show Your BuddyPress Members on a Google Map with Avatars

BP Member Avatar Map is a brand new plugin that gives you the ability to map your users’ locations on your BuddyPress site, adding a quick view of where community members can be found. It’s a nice looking map that will show on the members directory page:

How does BP Member Avatar Map work?

The plugin takes the Location field and requests the latitude and longitude from the Open Street Map Nominatim geolocation service.

The only requirement is that you must set up an extended profile field named ‘Location’. This can be either set to display in the ‘Base’ group in which case it will appear on the signup page, or you can create a new group and have the field display on the members profile settings. You must also set up “latitude” and “longitude” fields. Then your users will be able to register their addresses’ latitudes and longitudes, which will in turn populate them on the map.

With the settings in the admin page you’ll be able to set the size of the map as well as various rendering options. Install BP Member Avatar Map today and start showing just how your BuddyPress community is growing!


Comments (12)

  1. Great work Sarah Gooding, But i am unable to open the map, It is not working it is throwing an error, please help me out.

    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in C:\xampp\htdocs\projects\headstart\wp-content\plugins\bp-members-avatar-map\mam-loader.php on line 25″

  2. Thank you for the good idea and implementation.
    This plugin is exactly what our web site needs (
    This is the best way to show the location of potential blood donors.
    There is one problem though; I cannot show the map on a selected page.
    It only shows on the Members page, and the height of the map is very low.
    I’m using latest WordPress and BuddyPress.
    (I’ll have to deactivate the plugin, because if it does not get fixed, I cannot use it on operating web site)

    Can I get help with that, please?