WordPress Guest Post Plugin Makes it Easy for Users to Submit Content

Setting up new user accounts with author permissions can be quite a hassle when you’re trying to encourage guest posts on your blog. A new free plugin called WordPress Guest Post aims to make this process much easier.

After you’ve installed and activated the plugin, the guest post submission page will look something like this:

The plugin will automatically create an “Add Posts” page where the form will appear. You can then request your guest bloggers to submit through that page.

Post submitted through that form will appear among your drafts for approval. You can then edit submissions and make them live.

Adding this plugin will make it much easier for you to receive guests posts on a regular basis and keep pumping fresh content through your blog. Simply review and approve posts – no need to create a bunch of new users and train them on WordPress. Find out more at the WordPress Guest Post Plugin homepage.

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Comments (16)

  1. I just tried using this plugin with the Woo Canvas theme – the formatting (full width page) was scrambled. All of the form fields displayed in the upper left corner of the screen, well outside of the main content area.

  2. I want to accept guest posts only in certain categories. I would love this plugin if I could allow only categories I allow. “U Can Post” contains this feature but I like this plugin better. Anybody know how to configure this to do the same?

  3. Thank you! I was totally lost and had no idea about the action=register function until I imitated yours. I ended up using that, combined with the SI Captcha plugin and the User Submitted Posts plugin. My only beef is that it requires the new user/guest poster to deal with two different pages to first register and then submit the post. I hope some developer out there is working on a plugin that combines it all so it’s more intuitive for the guest.
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