Display Network-Activated Plugins On WordPress Multisite Blogs

Does it drive you crazy that network-activated plugins are not shown on multisite blogs?
Assessing which plugins are active in a WordPress multisite network can sometimes be a challenge. This is because plugins can be active on one site or network activated across all sites. However, the only place where you can see which plugins are network activated is within the network admin dashboard. This can be confusing because the individual sites’ plugin pages does not list network-activated plugins, even though they are operational on all sites.

When you’re working on a site within your network, it is not easy to get a full picture of all of the plugins that are active, since the network-activated plugins are not shown. If you were trying to troubleshoot a problem, you’d have to pull up both the individual site’s plugin listing page and the network admin plugins page to get all of the information you need.

A new plugin attempts to solve this problem by showing all active plugins on each site. jonradio Reveal Network Activated Plugins displays those plugins that are normally hidden by WordPress in order to make network management easier for super admins.

Network-activated plugins shown in the list with all other active plugins
Network-activated plugins shown in the list with all other active plugins

Isn’t that handy? Having this information right in the plugins list for each site keeps you from having to click around so much. This is one plugin that I would activate on any WordPress multisite network because it makes your life as a super admin just a little more convenient. Any user with the ‘activate_plugins’ capability will be able to see network-activated plugins in each site’s plugin list.

jonradio Reveal Network Activated Plugins is available for free from the WordPress plugin repository. You have the option to network activate for all sites or turn it on only for a select few. This is a must-have for any super admin’s multisite toolbox, especially if you find yourself frequently troubleshooting plugin conflicts.

Comments (5)

  1. What about mu-plugins?

    Sarah – I have a (simple but effective) plugin for mu-plugins. If you’d like to have a look ping me and I’ll send you a copy. Sooner or later I’ll Github it, but for now I’m just lackin’ a bit ;)

  2. Chief: mu-plugins are a great idea, and I’ll try to add them to jonradio Reveal Network Activated Plugins ASAP.

    Frank: I wasn’t aware of any plugins that provided this feature but I, like most others, only look in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have bothered writing the plugin in the first place.

    Sarah: Thanks for taking the time to review the plugin. I’m currently adding a Settings page that allows you to choose whether plugins are “revealed” only to Super Admins, or also to Site Admins. Initially, this will be a global (network-wide) setting, but I’ll undoubtedly expand it to individual sites, too.

    • Version 2.0 is now out and it includes both Must-Use plugins and Drop-ins, as well as regular plugins. It also adds, on its Network Settings page, a table showing all the sites where each plugin is activated. The aforementioned Security settings have been re-thought into a simple table of Who Sees What.

      So far though, the only Settings page provided by the plugin is in Network Settings, which means settings are Network-wide, and can only be changed when the plugin is Network Activated.