Download WPMU DEV’s FREE Appointments Plugin for WordPress

A free version of our popular Appointments + plugin is now available in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

Appointments is a powerful, flexible and feature-rich plugin that includes all the best bits of our premium offering, Appointments +.

Appointments lets you to accept, set and manage bookings on your WordPress site. Control your appointments all from the one place without forgetting or losing valuable bookings when switching between different calendar systems. Flexible and easy to set up, Appointments does it all.

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Feature-Rich and FREE

Appointments is the most comprehensive bookings plugin available for free for WordPress.

Customers can make their own appointments on your site, and you too can schedule appointments manually with clients.

Easily manage customer contact information and send confirmation and reminder emails to encourage and increase attendance.

Staff profiles
Add staff profiles for each of your stuff.

It’s perfect for businesses that schedule time with clients, such as:

  • Doctors
  • Tutors
  • Personal trainers
  • Spas and salons
  • Photographers
  • Hairdressers
  • Consultants and life coaches
  • Web design agencies
  • Tradespeople, such as plumbers and electricians
  • Reservations for sports fields and tennis courts

Do you manage your time with Google Calendar? Easily integrate Appointments with your Google account so you can schedule all your time in one place .

Book an Appointment in Just Three Clicks

Use PayPal to collect payments and deposits when customers book an appointment.

You can even integrate Appointments with MarketPress to support more payment gateways, such as AIM, Google checkout, 2checkout, Moneybookers, eWay, Stripe and more).

Or integrate Appointments with Membership to provide special offers to your customers, like coupons and sales codes.

Featured Plugin - WordPress Appointments Plugin

Take, set and manage appointments and client bookings without having to leave WordPress. Appointments+ makes it easy.
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Customize Your Site’s Calendar

Create a personalised calendar for each of your staff members and your site will automatically display their available time slots to customers.

Appointments calendar
Display a calendar of available appointments on your site and let your customers make online bookings.

You can even style your calendar with CSS to match your branding to provide a consistent look and feel across your site.

Dozens of Custom Features

Appointments comes with more than 30 extra features, including:

  • The ability to block out dates and times when you’re not available
  • Edit schedules from the backend of WordPress
  • Multisite and BuddyPress compatible
  • Shortcodes for inserting posts and pages
  • Display weekly or monthly schedules
  • Form autofill for repeat clients
  • More than 130 custom filter and action hooks
  • Support for multiple break times

Upgrade For Advanced Features and Functionality

Looking for even more functionality? Download Appointments + and turn your site into a complete, fully-featured appointments and bookings system.

With Appointments + you can create unlimited services and staff profiles. If you send confirmation and reminder emails to customers, the premium version allows you to send HTML rather than plain text emails.

It’s also packed with more than 30 custom appointment features that rival even the most sophisticated booking platforms:

  • Allows customers the option to book their own appointments online
  • Schedule appointments with clients
  • Enjoy a built-in CRM for managing customer contact information
  • Collect payments or deposits using PayPal
  • Manage your entire team, create unlimited service providers and unlimited services
  • Send confirmation and reminder emails to increase customer attendance rates
  • Allows you and your clients to book appointments up to one year in advance
  • Manage all appointments right from Google calendar
  • Compatible with BuddyPress
  • Short codes for inserting into posts/pages
  • Display weekly, or monthly schedules
  • Integrates with WPMU DEV Membership and Marketpress plugins
  • Enter phone appointments manually

Thinking about trying out Appointments + but not quite sure? Try out Appointments for free – and upgrade to the premium version for greater features and functionality. Download Appointments and discover how easy it is to create your own appointments site.

Comments (17)

  1. Does this plugin support multiple time zones? I’m looking for the ability for someone in a different time zone, to make an appointment and see availability in their time zone instead of mine. I currently use vCita for this but would love to do this with a plugin instead of a service.

    • Hi there Susan,

      Currently it doesn’t support multiple time zones, it takes the time zone set in wp-admin > settings > general.

      Though multiple time zones is something we’re looking into for the premium version.


  2. I’m wondering if this can work in conjunction with the Events plugin, eg. one of the shortcomings of the Events plugin is a series of reminders prior to an event. I assume this Appointments plugin has those reminders. Any way they can co-operate such that someone who books an Event with Events+ gets these reminders?

    • Hi there Nancy,

      Appointments+ does have a email reminder which you can set to send ex amount of hours before an appointment.

      Though currently there isn’t any integration with Events+, but it certainly sounds interesting :)


  3. I’m desperate to make it work with my premium theme (I’ve tested on WP’s 2014 so I know it works with my WP install) but for some reason I cannot add a new Service Provider no matter what I do :( And yes, I’ve added “at least one service listed in the Services tab.” Help?

  4. I read in the FAQ that you can sort of “hack” the plugin to make it accept multiple appointments for one date. I really love this plugin and want to keep using it, but not being able to accept more than one person per time slot is hard to work around. Can you help guide me through this to get it functioning? Thanks!