Dress Up Your Site with WordPress Halloween Plugins

Some people really get into Halloween. They start thinking months in advance about what costume they’re going to wear and whose house they’re going to egg. Well, OK, maybe you’ve outgrown the egging stage, and possibly even the costume stage, but you still might want to dress up your site for the holiday.

Changing your theme out for just one day (or even for a few days) might be a little too much work for the payoff, but luckily, you don’t have to go to such lengths. Instead, you can just pop in a plugin or two and still capture the festive spirit of Halloween.

Some of these plugins are a little more over-the-top than others, but Halloween is an over-the-top holiday. Annoying your visitors is not likely to pay off, but providing them with a little holiday surprise might tweak them into thinking more favorably of you in some small way.

1. Halloween Quotes (and Animations)

Although titled “Halloween Quotes,” the most interesting part of this plugin is that it provides little surprise animations (and sound effects in some cases) when a page is refreshed or a new page is landed on.

The nice thing about these animations is that they come and go fairly quickly. They are noticeable, for sure, but they also disappear and let your visitors get on with what they came to your site for.

Of course this plugin also adds random Halloween quotes to your sidebar.

Watch a quick video I made up of some of the effects. (Sorry for the abrupt music cut at the end. I was using YouTube’s editor and couldn’t find a way to fade it.)

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2. Halloween Blogroll

This simple plugin dresses up your blogroll by putting little bat icons beside your links. That’s it. Simple, but a little touch that helps add to the Halloween theme.

3. Falling Pumpinks

Both of these plugins could easily fall into the “over the top” category if overused. As you may have guessed, what they do is add falling pumpkins to your site. (Each plugin includes other images you might use for other holidays.)

The good news is each plugin comes with some ability to control how many pumpkins are falling at a time, how fast they fall, etc.

The bad news is neither plugin has a cutoff point at which time the pumpkins stop falling. They just keep falling. Falling and falling. Never ending pumpkins. Forever falling.


WP Effects


The WP Effects plugin lets you choose how many pumkins you would like to have falling at one time. The default is ten; however, you could choose a subtler number such as two or three, or you could choose a more in your face number like three-hundred. Or you could, if you wanted to, choose a “curiosity number” like 999,999. … I’ll spare you the suspense: your browser simply crashes. Yes, I tried it.

This plugin also allows you to add your own custom images.


Fancy Events

Like the WP Effects plugin above, the Fancy Events plugin gives you falling pumpkins—falling and falling, forever falling. The one nice advantage this plugin offers is that it lets you control the transparency level. And so in addition to limiting the number of pumpkins falling, you can set them to be very faint if you like.

Get in the Spirit

Occasionally little efforts like dressing your site up for the holidays are really appreciated by some of your visitors. Of course some  of your visitors probably couldn’t possibly care less. But some will care. And so for those visitors, why not give them what they want — a little holiday spirit?

 >> Anyone dressing up for Halloween or going to a party? Tell us in the comments below.

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(Thanks to wxmom for the image.)


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