Easily Add Galleries to WordPress Posts and Pages with TinyMCE Thumbnail Gallery

Tinymce Thumbnail Gallery is a new plugin for adding a simple image gallery to posts and pages. It’s built into the WordPress TinyMCE editor so that you, or your site’s users, can easily add media with clean and attractive thumbnails.

Simple Gallery Creation:

When you make a gallery within a post, the thumbnails are automatically created. The developer of this plugin was aiming to create a gallery plugin that required no coding skills and would display thumbnails evenly, regardless of image size and proportions. The default size for the thumbnails is 100/80. However, you can make the thumbnails any size you want. CSS is used to hide portions of the image outside of the thumbnail size you choose. When you hover over an image, the entire image is shown.

Check out how easy it is to add a gallery within a post:

Simply upload the photos you want to use and select which ones will appear in the gallery. Click “Insert” and voila! You have a simple gallery with expandable thumbnails. Clicking on the enlarged thumbnail will give you an even larger lightbox version of the image.

Intuitive and Convenient:

I like this plugin because it’s easy for new and inexperienced WordPress users to understand. It’s very intuitive, elegant, and works as a seamless addition to any WordPress theme. Many gallery plugins require you to add images through the plugin’s dashboard menu and then paste a shortcode into your post. Because TinyMCE Thumbnail galleries can be added directly within the post editor, it saves you a lot of time and confusion. It’s far more convenient than 90% of the WordPress gallery plugins out there.

If you’re a web developer who builds blogs for less technically-inclined clients, then you need to have this plugin added to your toolbox. It’s also very helpful for photo-bloggers or anyone who regularly publishes multiple images in a post. Adding a gallery with attractive thumbnails to compliment a WordPress post should be an easy task. The TinyMCE Thumbnail Gallery plugin accomplishes that for you.