Easily Edit Your WordPress Theme With Google Chrome Developer Tools

Chrome Developer ToolsIf you are a theme “tweaker” or even a full-blown “frameworker“, Google Chrome has an extremely powerful tool that can make your life a whole lot easier. Chrome Developer Tools allows you to inspect and edit (in real time) any web site. Any edits you make will not of course be effected in reality, but the Developer Tools emulates the change in your browser window so that you can inspect the impact of your actions.

This means that you can carry out any number of tweaks to your blog (or any other website in the world, for that matter), without fear of getting something wrong and making a mess of things. It also means you can easily inspect and diagnose issues within your blog.

There are an enormous amount of resources available for you to get started with Chrome Developer Tools. Here is a short and straightforward introduction:

If you want to get stuck into the nitty gritty of the tool’s capabilities, put the kettle on and check this out:

Finally, if you are looking for documentation so that you can refer to specific functionalities as you see fit, Chrome has produced an online instruction manual.