Easily Embed Other Sites into Yours with a WordPress I-Frame Plugin

An i-frame can be used to embed another website into your site. Essentially what you’re doing is opening up a kind of window on your site that lets the user see and navigate the other site while still on your site.

If you’ve ever had the need to do this, then the Easy I-frame Loader plugin makes it simple to do.

Once installed, all you need to do is insert a shortcode with the URL of the page you want to embed in your site.

You can set a number of attributes for the window, and you may need to do that. For example, you may need to control the height or the width of the window, or make it so that it’s able to include scrollbars or not.

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Should You Use I-Frames?

Of course you will want to be careful with your use of i-frames. Many people don’t like them because it makes it seem as if they are trapped on your site. And, of course, the site you are embedding might not like them because you are effectively using their content while still keeping the visitor on your site.

But there can be plenty of legitimate uses of an i-frame. Suppose you have an Amazon store, for example, that you wanted to include on your site.

Whatever the reason you need an i-frame for, the Easy I-frame Loader plugin does indeed make it easy.

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Comments (6)

  1. Should you use iframes? Probably not. Avoid them if you can, because 99% of the things done with iframes today is doable via well-documented APIs, meaning you can easily integrate as well as give it a better look and feel, than what visitors will see in an iframe. However, iframes are not completely useless, they’re used a lot with things like Facebook likes, Twitter Tweet and Google +1 buttons because it makes possible to read your browser cookies for their domains, without exposing these cookies to you — the developer. Anyway, just saying…

  2. Occasionally it is easier to just use an iframe. I’ve had a couple of situations last year where I wanted to do so (one being adding Amazon products – I didn’t like any of the WP plugins I tried).

  3. Hello, Mr. Foley. I was wondering if this would work for what I want to do. I have put a Soundcloud plugin on my WordPress site. I love it but every time I switch pages on WordPress the song stops playing. I’ve read that using frames can make it so it wouldn’t reload every time the page reloads. Is that true and how do I do it? Thank you in advance.

    • Hello, Noe – If you made it so the Soundcloud iframed page was somehow always present, then I imagine it wouldn’t stop playing. But that’s not the normal set-up, so I’m not sure how you’d do that.